Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Cheap Chocolate Day

First of all, because I'm using a VPN my Blogger interface is in German. I'm also listening to Rammstein, who are a German band. Everything is very German right now.

Well anyway that's not important. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and didn't fill up too much on those delicious chocolatey eggs of goodness. They're much cheaper now after all. I didn't really do much over Easter. There was a fair near me but I didn't get to go after all. I was thinking of taking my niece but she went home Saturday to spend Easter with her family. Ah well.

I still went to the fair on my own. I wanted to ride the dodgems because dammit I can do what I want. Unfortunately there was no one else there so I couldn't really ride them. They're no fun on your own. I guess I'll have to wait until the Summer before I can do something like that. It was nice seeing everything though. It was like someone took an amusement park and dumped it in the car park.

I had one Easter egg but that was it. My teeth weren't too happy about that. I really need to see a dentist. My teeth are too sensitive for a lot of chocolate. Still Easter chocolate is my favourite kind of chocolate so sucks to be them eh?

The gym will be closed today but I should at least go on a walk and work off any weight I likely gained yesterday.


  1. Damn, that place looks deserted. Were people off to something else, or was there just little interest in it?

    1. To be fair I did take those pictures when it was closed. But there weren't that many people there when I went back later. I suppose it must have been busier on Friday and Saturday. They came last year too and did quite well.

  2. I had to google 'Dodgem' to understand what you were talking about. I love that word. It's so much more fun than bumper car.

    I didn't have any chocolate because I'm watching my girlish figure, but I did eat 2 eggs for breakfast yesterday. That counts... right?

  3. I only know what dodgems are because they were mentioned on "Doctor Who" last series and I took the time to look them up.

    I want to hear you read Rammstein lyrics in that polite British accent of yours. Is that weird?

  4. I didn't have any Easter chocolate this year. Not even a bunny. But I did eat a bunch of hot cross buns!

  5. Glad you enjoyed the fair somewhat.

  6. It's great that you went to the fair and had fun Mark, I really admire your attitude. Recently I've been desiring to go to the cinema myself to watch a film I want to see but I'm anxious about going alone. I'm glad you had a great and relaxed Easter time, it feels weird that Easter is already over for another year!

  7. Too bad too many didn't turn out at the fair, but at least you enjoyed a chocolatey egg of goodness.


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