Monday, 21 March 2016

A Good Downsizing

It seems like I've been complaining a lot about my weight gain recently. Well, I've gained weight so of course I have. I'm glad to say that for once I have a good story concerning my weight. It all started a long, long time ago. A time known as yesterday. I was out with my niece and dad and we were going to do this Easter treasure hunt. It turns out we couldn't though because one of the stores was closed, and another didn't have their card. The aim was to find the paintings that had been put up in stores. Paul would go on to tell me that the store actually threw theirs away. Thanks dicks, you have made it impossible for kids to do this now.
I did still buy a book from them though. Me and a friend have been burning through Bones on Netflix.
So with no way to actually do the hunt I decided to just go volunteer like I usually do on Sunday. As well as buying a book from one store I ended up buying a lot from Barnardos, the store I volunteer at. I picked up a bunch of DVDs and, thanks to Paul, a pair of trousers. That's the point of this story. That I bought a pair of trousers.

Paul asked me what size my waist is now. The trousers he had were a little smaller than I thought I was, but I decided to try them on anyway. God damn they were a perfect fit. I actually still need a belt with them. The best part? They are a 46 inch waist.

Now, 46 inches is pretty big. But what it also is, is 8 inches smaller than I was when I started dieting, and 2 inches smaller than I thought I was. I was actually thinner than I thought. Which is pretty great considering all the weight I've put on lately.

I also made plans with Paul to go to the gym today so I'm expecting a nice loss tomorrow. I ate a little badly yesterday but I've had no pizza and no trips to the chip shop all week. I've not eaten perfectly healthy, sure, but I ate well.

More on that Thursday.


  1. It's great that your weight loss is now showing up in lost inches! Congrats!

  2. You can do it Mark, and do it the right way so it stays off, no crash diets.

  3. Congrats. Last week, I listened to your promos about the many services you offer, so in my head, I now read all of your blog posts in your voice.

    The only way to end this is to find some other voice to read your posts in. I'm leaning towards William Burroughs, but might try Tom Waits.

  4. Wow, congrats! Inches are way more important than lbs, because lbs don't always tell the whole story. Sometimes you can put on muscle while losing body fat and even if you're technically slimmer, the scale will say you gained weight. Keep at it, good sir. You're on the right track. Losing 8 whole inches is no joke.

  5. Hey man I've read books by Kathy Reichs before and they're really good, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

    Also I love that you know for a fact now that you've lost weight around the waist, to me that's something substantial and actually means a lot more than a tiny increase on the scales does. Keep it up Mark

  6. Good that you are seeing and feeling the results. Congrats! Hard work pays off buddy :)


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