Monday, 7 March 2016

A Doctors Report

I know I said that the first Monday of each month would be a report about my writing but I decided to swap it around this week. I'll be talking about my weight this Monday rather than my writing. Because I went to the doctor on Friday as I said I would.

Not that one though. 
I explained to him that I seemed to need some help losing weight. Unfortunately they haven't got anyone in the place that has the same job as Morgan. They haven't replaced her and, as it's been this long, likely won't. So that isn't a solution that I can take this time. Instead he gave me a number to call. Unfortunately it was so late in the day that I didn't get a chance to call them on Friday so I'm going to call them today. They'll set me up with something and hopefully it's something local. If not then I'm not sure I'll be able to take them up on their offers and I'll have to do something like join Slimming World. Or take personal responsibility for my actions I guess.

He also weighed me while I was there. I weight 116 kg now. Which is only around 3 kg more than the last time I was weighed by Morgan in October. That doesn't sound too bad. Until you realise it's two kilos more than I weighed this time last month. I've gained about four pounds. In 29 days.

I really need to rein in my diet.


  1. Whose number is it? Another dietary professional? If you can't get set up with one of those again, try to recall the advice Morgan gave you and keep that in mind, as I'm sure you've been doing already.

  2. I hope the next month goes better.

    However, you could go the Doctor Who route for your diet. It would mostly involve running from monsters screaming. Except for a very brief period in the eighties, when it involved carrot juice.

  3. I hope you can get the help you need Mark. Maybe you have to figure out why you eat, is it for comfort, boredom etc. I actually like the routine of going to a gym and going for walks, maybe you could find something active that you (important) like doing.

  4. Always a great idea to seek out help. Good luck, my friend!

  5. Always a great idea to seek out help. Good luck, my friend!

  6. I do not like it when I see a doctor and they tell me to lose weight, I know I am over weight but if it was that easy to lose weight I would have done it already, getting help is good though so you go and I hope you lose the weight soon

  7. At least you're reaching out and asking for help. You're trying to do something. That's a good start. The best thing you can do is keep seeking out that help and don't freak out over the weight gain. Let it motivate you to keep working, not push you to fail.

  8. Well I'm glad you've been to the doctors Mark, it's the first step to actually try and ask for help and also it's still on their system which has to be a good thing. Best of luck buddy.

  9. I think it will be easier for you to succeed with professional supervision.


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