Thursday, 31 March 2016

That's No Good

As per usual I was weighed this Tuesday and after the Easter weekend I, unsurprisingly, gained a little weight. It wasn't much at all. Less then a pound even. But it was still a gain. I do know why it happened though. Like I said it was the Easter weekend. I didn't eat many sweets but I still ate some. It didn't help that I overate on Monday either. My dad offered to buy me lunch. I wasn't going to turn him down.
One should never say no to a free meal
This is also the week where everything changes. At least, as far as being weighed goes. I think I mentioned before that this was my last week with this particular group. We learned all about food labels this week and how fantastically filled with lies they are. Seriously it's pretty bad. Anyway, the group is just a little too far away. Starting two weeks today I'll be meeting with an entirely different group a little closer to home. I also learned that I'll actually be dealing with a different group leader. Or whatever I'm supposed to refer to them as. I think perhaps "consultant" may be the correct term? Well whatever they wish to be called I'll have a new one. I'm kind of sad to see the old one go. She was a nice lady. Now I'll be dealing with a man.

I wonder if I'll meet anyone I know there. I'm sure I'm less likely to than I would if I had gone to the local group, which has over 30 people (I don't even know 30 people) but I could still run in to someone I know. I don't know how I'll feel about that.

It's easier on my dad at least. Which is what matters. Now to, you know, eat well and all that so I have a good loss two weeks from now and get restarted in a good place. Let's see what happens.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Cheap Chocolate Day

First of all, because I'm using a VPN my Blogger interface is in German. I'm also listening to Rammstein, who are a German band. Everything is very German right now.

Well anyway that's not important. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and didn't fill up too much on those delicious chocolatey eggs of goodness. They're much cheaper now after all. I didn't really do much over Easter. There was a fair near me but I didn't get to go after all. I was thinking of taking my niece but she went home Saturday to spend Easter with her family. Ah well.

I still went to the fair on my own. I wanted to ride the dodgems because dammit I can do what I want. Unfortunately there was no one else there so I couldn't really ride them. They're no fun on your own. I guess I'll have to wait until the Summer before I can do something like that. It was nice seeing everything though. It was like someone took an amusement park and dumped it in the car park.

I had one Easter egg but that was it. My teeth weren't too happy about that. I really need to see a dentist. My teeth are too sensitive for a lot of chocolate. Still Easter chocolate is my favourite kind of chocolate so sucks to be them eh?

The gym will be closed today but I should at least go on a walk and work off any weight I likely gained yesterday.

Friday, 25 March 2016

It's The Weekend

Sometimes I'm glad I decide to be lazy and do this kind of thing. Sometimes I just need to be able to spend a few hours looking at funny things and then share them with you.

It's both. It's always both.


I need to spend more time with visually impaired people

I didn't know people brought signs to these things but at least it's a funny one. 

Some Easter humour

Why yes I do feel inclined

The only man who could sell democracy to the Middle East. By force. 

I can believe Cena said this

I miss Zach Braff. He's so awesome,
They aren't wrong
Have a happy Easter folks. Remember to save your gorging for Tuesday when the chocolate is dirt cheap!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Reversing The Trend

I know it seems like I've been talking about my weight a lot lately but bear with me for a little longer. I am getting weighed on a weekly basis now. So it's pretty much all I have to talk about. I do have some further good news as far as my weight goes. Which is always nice.
After far too long of putting some weight on slowly, I'm finally starting to lose it too. I was weighed on Tuesday and discovered that I had lost two pounds. Which was pretty cool. My goal for this week was to lose one and a half pounds, so I could get back on track of only having to lose a pound a week to reach my goal of losing 10% of my weight in 13 weeks. It was especially good because I had Chinese food the night before but still lost weight. That's what going to the gym will do for you.

I ate pretty badly yesterday but I did also do a ton of exercise. I was on my feet for about three or four hours overall. My feet were dead by the time I got home but that's a lot of walking that should also help counteract what I ate. I'm getting weighed again next Tuesday and then I have to say goodbye to this little group. The group is just a little too far away from me and I had to wait for room to open up in another group. I can't get into the local one (who knew my small town had such an obesity problem?) but it will be far closer than the group I'm in now.

Let's keep this trend going and slim down even more.

Monday, 21 March 2016

A Good Downsizing

It seems like I've been complaining a lot about my weight gain recently. Well, I've gained weight so of course I have. I'm glad to say that for once I have a good story concerning my weight. It all started a long, long time ago. A time known as yesterday. I was out with my niece and dad and we were going to do this Easter treasure hunt. It turns out we couldn't though because one of the stores was closed, and another didn't have their card. The aim was to find the paintings that had been put up in stores. Paul would go on to tell me that the store actually threw theirs away. Thanks dicks, you have made it impossible for kids to do this now.
I did still buy a book from them though. Me and a friend have been burning through Bones on Netflix.
So with no way to actually do the hunt I decided to just go volunteer like I usually do on Sunday. As well as buying a book from one store I ended up buying a lot from Barnardos, the store I volunteer at. I picked up a bunch of DVDs and, thanks to Paul, a pair of trousers. That's the point of this story. That I bought a pair of trousers.

Paul asked me what size my waist is now. The trousers he had were a little smaller than I thought I was, but I decided to try them on anyway. God damn they were a perfect fit. I actually still need a belt with them. The best part? They are a 46 inch waist.

Now, 46 inches is pretty big. But what it also is, is 8 inches smaller than I was when I started dieting, and 2 inches smaller than I thought I was. I was actually thinner than I thought. Which is pretty great considering all the weight I've put on lately.

I also made plans with Paul to go to the gym today so I'm expecting a nice loss tomorrow. I ate a little badly yesterday but I've had no pizza and no trips to the chip shop all week. I've not eaten perfectly healthy, sure, but I ate well.

More on that Thursday.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday Fun Times

Well it's Friday once more. I find that Friday always comes back around again.

Oh, Canada

2D waifu for laifu

Yay for headbanging

Fuck sake Carl

I miss Arthur :(

I'd be both the dog on the left and the dog on the right 
If Jesus says no you better not shag that ho!

This definitely works

I'd be this guy

Worth it for the dad joke
Have a good weekend folks. I expect I'll be alone tomorrow but unlike other weeks I won't be able to fill the void with pizza. Oh well. I'll just have to find more productive ways to deal with my misery.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Weight For Me

Because I'm on this twelve week weight loss course thing (technically 13 because the woman is off one week) I'm now being weighed on a weekly basis. It's not the best thing in the world, as I feel a week is too short. Weight fluctuates a lot. It's better than being weighed daily at least. Never do that because it's really stupid. Anyway, I was weighed on Tuesday.

I put on half a pound. Which sounds bad but when you take everything into consideration it's not that bad. I was ill for almost all of last week. I'm still battling the remnants of the cold. I barely left my bed at all last week, ate copious amounts of junk food because I was too sick to leave my bed, and had pizza over the weekend. It was something I had planned for a while so I didn't want to put it off. So, somehow, only putting on half a pound seemed like almost an achievement.

I plan to do, and be, better from this week of course. The goal is to lose 5% of my weight in 12 weeks. I can totally do that. From here on out it's all* healthy all** the time. My goal for this week is to lose 1 and a half pounds to put me back on track, as basically I have to lose around a pound a week to meet my 5% goal. That means cooking more, and eating out less, but I'm going to impress the fuck out of these old women with my weight loss.

Yes, most of the people there are old women. I don't think I'm even the average of their age. Actually that's true. If I assume they are all at least 40, and some are more, then the average would be, of course, 40. Which is nowhere near my age.


*mostly healthy
**most of the time

Monday, 14 March 2016

That Writing Update

So I was supposed to make this post last week but I fell ill. I'm still a little ill but I now have energy at least. I was also able to go shopping and not die, which is good. I'm still trying to avoid really strenuous exercise but I can work again at least. I can write too. Speaking of writing it's time for an update on how much I wrote last month.

Man I love Top Cat
It is my sad duty to report that I have written not a word in The Spirit since January. I didn't write anything in there in February and I still haven't at the halfway point of March. Unfortunately my freelance writing business really took off. I don't think I should say unfortunately considering that I'm making some money now. But it is unfortunate in that I just don't have the time or the energy to write both articles and stories. When I first started out article writing I was writing for a few hours a day perhaps. There was plenty of time to do both.

Now because I can be hired at any moment and I get hired so much I end up writing for anywhere between four and eight hours a day. One time I was writing right up until I fell asleep. Having to stop taking on new orders to take care of the ones I've already got is becoming a surprisingly common occurrence now. So the fact is, right now, I just don't think I can write books.

I'll be honest and say it's a very depressing realisation. Writing stories was something I really enjoyed and was pretty good at. That's why I tried to get into voice work too. Working with my voice would leave me with ample energy for writing. But that never really took off like the writing did.

I'll let you know if there is any change but for now it seems like writing books just isn't something I can do at the minute. I have to go with where the money is and my books have never sold that well. If they somehow pick up and I get some nice royalty checks from them then that's where I'll go instead. If it was financially feasible then I'd stop writing articles and pour that four to eight hours of writing into books. I'd have a book done every few months at that rate. That'd be nice. But it's just not meant to be right now.

It's a shame. As evidenced by the fact I won't shut the hell up about it. But I will now.

Friday, 11 March 2016

It's Picture Day

Man with how much work I have to do I hope I feel better today. I woke up on Thursday feeling simultaneously better and worse. I was able to get some work done though. So today should be no different.

Santa hates poor kids

I'd never give up hope of this happening

Solid advice there

This is the husband I want to be 
It just keeps on giving 
Technically correct

See you in hell!

Wise words. Wise, bewildering, words. 

Both are true. 

Good point. Keep on driving. 

I fully support 53 states of America. 
Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

I Feel Like Hell

I wanted to give you guys a writing report today but I'm afraid I won't be able to. I woke up feeling terrible and barely left my bed all day. Also downed a whole packet of medicine (don't worry it was only a day's worth) and didn't feel any better by the end of the day. What good is medicine when it doesn't help?

Well anyway I'm just too out of it to try and post anything significant. Really I'm surprised I've gotten this far. Now I have I'm struggling to think of anything else to write or do. It's really annoying because I had done enough work to justify taking the day off to organise the house a little and then I barely leave my bed. Dammit.

Well I'll see you when I feel better. Which hopefully won't be too long.

I'll leave you with this awesome story about a really nice teacher trying to help out these kids

Monday, 7 March 2016

A Doctors Report

I know I said that the first Monday of each month would be a report about my writing but I decided to swap it around this week. I'll be talking about my weight this Monday rather than my writing. Because I went to the doctor on Friday as I said I would.

Not that one though. 
I explained to him that I seemed to need some help losing weight. Unfortunately they haven't got anyone in the place that has the same job as Morgan. They haven't replaced her and, as it's been this long, likely won't. So that isn't a solution that I can take this time. Instead he gave me a number to call. Unfortunately it was so late in the day that I didn't get a chance to call them on Friday so I'm going to call them today. They'll set me up with something and hopefully it's something local. If not then I'm not sure I'll be able to take them up on their offers and I'll have to do something like join Slimming World. Or take personal responsibility for my actions I guess.

He also weighed me while I was there. I weight 116 kg now. Which is only around 3 kg more than the last time I was weighed by Morgan in October. That doesn't sound too bad. Until you realise it's two kilos more than I weighed this time last month. I've gained about four pounds. In 29 days.

I really need to rein in my diet.

Friday, 4 March 2016

It's Friday

Gotta get down on Friday? I know I will. Down to the doctors that is. Expect an update on Monday.

I'd do this 
Seriously though, what's up with the d? 
That poor moth :(

Pigeons need love too!

Validate me!

Luckily I'm the one with the Netflix account

We here at will always love a good pun

Sweet sweet justice

I'm going to need a woman who agrees to this
Have a good weekend folks. I'll do what I can to have one.


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