Thursday, 11 February 2016

You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested Mate

I don't know if "You need to get your eyes tested" is a phrase outside of England, but it does have literal connotations for me. After getting several letters from my opticians I gave in and booked myself an eye exam. Coincidentally enough it falls on a day that my dad has an eye test too. It'll be on the 23rd of this month so I have time without glasses yet.
Though as I've proven before I look damn good in glasses
To be honest I think I really might need glasses this time. Which is one reason I've been putting it off. The last time I had my eyes tested I was told that I have Strabismus, a condition that means I only see out of one eye at a time. I was also told that my right eye is weaker than my left eye and I had a little bit of short sightedness in my right eye. It's been a few years since then and, obviously, my eyes are weaker.

Actually I did try on a pair of glasses at work last week. They actually made things a little clearer though, because they weren't for me, they did still strain my eyes. With how much I write I spend a lot more time looking at a computer screen than I used to. It's hard to believe but all this writing is putting a serious strain on my arms rather than my hands. My right bicep especially somehow hurts.

It's almost enough to consider writing an exercise. A friend recommended that I do actually take the time to stretch. But how does one stretch an upper arm?


  1. It's the one sense I couldn't do without, if you end up getting glasses make sure you get anti glare for working at the computer?

  2. You will ace your eye test!

    Or else your eyes will, in which case, you should give them a little reward.

  3. You do look damn in glasses.

    I have one eye with better vision than the other, though I forget which.... I can see well enough without the glasses, so I usually never bother to wear them.

  4. Most people seem to need glasses these days. It's not so bad.

  5. I was crushed when I was told that I needed bifocals. But, the doctor assured me that they would do me good, because they made everything look bigger.
    They had a tough time trying to pry me away from the urinal at Walmart.

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  7. I've worn glasses since I was 13 and bifocals since I was 40. I hardly remember life without glasses now!

  8. Well being honest I think they suit you really well. I got a pair of glasses recently after years of trying to go without them and it really was the best thing of 2015 in the long term for me.

    That eyesight issue sounds confusing though, must be quite a rare condition but if you're fine so long as you have your glasses it's all okay.


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