Thursday, 25 February 2016

RamblingPerson Needs Glasses

The title of this post is an ever so subtle reference to one of the most remembered scenes from The Simpsons.

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As the title of the post suggests I came out of my eye exam on Tuesday needing glasses. I can actually still see to the second top row but the optician never confirms if you get the letters right. For some reason my eyes are actually still healthy as they were, but my sight is a little bit worse. I decided to buy the glasses and get reflective lenses to shield my eyes from further damage. Now that I'm a writer I spend a good 70-80% of my day staring at a screen and that's not good for my eyes.
Though I do take steps to protect my eyes like using Flux
When I told the optician I planned on learning to drive over the summer he gave me another field of vision test to make sure I still had the peripheral vision necessary to drive. Even though I have strabismus and can only see out of one eye at a time I've always had good peripheral vision. The eye I'm not seeing through is still getting messages and sending them to the brain. To be honest I thought I failed the test miserably. You have to follow a red light and press a clicker whenever you see a green one. Except the green one is sometimes so faint you could barely see it if you were looking at it. Did get to wear a cool eye patch though.

In any event I passed that test too. So I can look forward to getting some glasses next week and a drivers license over the summer. I was able to use the frame I got from Firmoo to save some money too. Though this expense has still left me broke for a few weeks.


  1. "can only see out of one eye at a time"
    Huh, how does that even work? Can you consciously switch between left and right? Is it just a matter of what you pay attention to or what eye is receiving the most significant input, or what? Doesn't this disable depth perception?

    1. While I can make the conscious choice to switch it's more a matter of what I'm paying attention to. For the most part I use my right eye, which is why it's so messed up. For example if I close my right eye I see a ton of stuff my left I didn't see before. It can be corrected with surgery but he's never offered and I've never asked.

      As a result yes my depth perception is pretty messed up but hey, if he says I can drive then I can drive.

    2. Too bad that surgery likely isn't going to be (fully) paid for by insurance. That sucks man, but maybe it's Yet Another Savings Goal?
      And hey, there's people who literally can't drive riding around with a drivers license, so I think you'll be good to go.

  2. We only have one set of eyes so they're worth spending money on!

  3. I need glasses too.. or maybe I will just start wearing a pair to make a fashion statement

  4. Sounds like things are on the upswing Mark!

  5. I went to the eye doctor a few months ago complaining that it was a little tougher reading things with my glasses. He examined my eyes and told me that the reason I was having trouble is that my prescription for my glasses was too strong because my eyesight was getting better! Holy cow. He said that that's unusual, but sometimes peoples vision gets better.
    I feel like some sort of freak.

  6. I agree with Debra She Who Seeks, above.

    I usually wear contacts. I'm hoping my eyesight doesn't get much worse...


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