Thursday, 4 February 2016

I Put On A Few Pounds

So I said on Monday I wasn't looking forward to weighing myself. I still did it of course. I dragged myself up to that gym, realised I left my card at home (thankfully I still had money for the locker) and was let in by the nice ladies at the front desk. Be nice to reception people folks. They're usually nice to you too.
The scales at my gym are stuck in kilograms. There is a button for pounds but I've never gotten it to work. But as the title of the post says I put on a few pounds. What I actually put on was a kilo, which is roughly two pounds. It was almost exactly a kilo. It's still the first gain I've recorded though. So it's still bad. Even if it was just two pounds. Which is pretty damn remarkable consiering I had Chinese food on Saturday and pizza on Sunday.
I was trying to fill the void in my soul with food. It didn't work
There's a good chance that, despite all the crap I ate, I actually would have lost a decent amount. Especially if I didn't eat all of that crap. Now that I've sworn off junk food for the month of February I wonder what kind of loss I can expect at the start of March. Something good hopefully.

If you're wondering the post was delayed due to the sheer amount of work I have. Right now I'm working on nine orders. God damn.


  1. It was a good thing to get weighed. You can have junk food but just a little.

  2. Nine orders? It sounds like you have a career on your hands! My condolences, LOL.

  3. I betcha that junk food fast will pay off! Glad to hear the work is rolling in, that's great!


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