Friday, 26 February 2016

Have A Laugh. Or Something.

I had a busy week. Looks like I may be in for a busy weekend too. Wheee. 

I need dis 
There's a chart people! 

John Cena is a wonderful human being

....I could take it

I do this all the time. I've moved around my cat in an effort to not disturb her. 

Fuck you Sarah!

I don't know why this always made me laugh

And that's when I got buttsexed

I'll leave you with something beautiful. 


  1. Thanks for the laughs, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yeah, the cat thing is only strange for people who have never been around cats. At all.

    These are good!

  3. Almost shorted out my keyboard from drool after seeing that pizza.

  4. My need armchairs.

    I laughed so hard at the Harry Potter one, omg...

  5. The John Cena one is even better when you realise that he's doing it for a Make-A-Wish more than likely, all of these are brilliant though.

  6. Hi Mark, I haven't visited in awhile. Hope you're doing well. The cat in the armchair is adorable.


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