Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday Fun Stuff

On the plus side my face hurts less. I think keeping pressure off of it will help and I probably won't need to see a doctor. On the downside I ate four easter eggs in two days. I...I have no words.

Totes a duck

This is exactly what I see

Yes they do

There's no such thing as a loveless sex life

We sometimes get political here at The Rambling Person

He's right you know... 
Oh Canada

It helped me

What matters is you win eventually!

It's scary how true this is
I know it's the kind of joke you'd find on Facebook but, hey, it's still kind of funny. 
Have a good weekend folks. I'm going to try and go a weekend without eating pizza. It's really, really sad to think that's a thing I've actually said. Man I started this year determined to lose weight. The fuck happened to me?


  1. These are funny. One of them makes me want to go dig out my CD of Isis's "Wavering Radiant" to listen to on the way to work. I am sort of worried I'll get pulled over by a cop and the CD will get me sent to Gitmo.

    (Incidentally, the first time I tried typing "to Gitmo" my autocorrect changed it to "yak agitator," which is my new favorite phrase ever.)

  2. I laughed so hard at the illegal plants, Isis tattoo and gasoline donation ones -- thanks!

  3. thanks for the laughs...don't give up on healthy eating Mark you can do it.

  4. I really feel you on the Easter egg thing mate. I had a lot of chocolates in this room I bought over Christmas time and ate them in a matter of a few weeks and said I'd diet, now I see Easter Eggs everywhere and I'm so tempted to buy a few that it's not even funny.

    Like Christine says though, try not to give up on the healthy eating. Thanks for these photos, all of them made me laugh which is a good way to kickstart my weekend!


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