Thursday, 18 February 2016

And Now My Face Hurts

My body really is beginning to fall apart on me. Everything just seems to be hurting or on the verge of hurting. Right now it's my face. I've been leaning on the left side of my face using my hands a lot and I guess the pressure must have gotten to it or something. I just know that I chewed something yesterday then bam! pain flares up on my lower jaw.
This bit right here!
If it still hurts in the morning I'll try and get myself checked in with the doctor. It makes chewing painful and pain is never good anyway. There's also the possibility it could be a dental issue but I'd rather visit a doctor first anyway. Visiting a doctor is free. I'd have to pay for a dentist to even look at me. But obviously if the doctor says I should get my ass to a dentist then that's what I'll do.

I need to do it anyway. I'm just putting it off until I can reasonably afford it. Given that I could end up having to pay up to £100 for a pair of glasses soon that time is not coming up.

On the plus side though I've been able to do a little work in the house. I ripped up the carpet on the attic stairs so that I can get up and down them easier. It was going to be replaced anyway. I also made some room up there to move things in to storage eventually and rearranged my own room.

I think this is the manliest I've ever felt. Except for my weak ass jaw of course.


  1. Want to save on medical bills? Just chow down on a whole bunch of over-the-counter painkillers and keep on truckin'.
    In all seriousness though, if it's not a dental thing than that's more or less what your doctor will tell you. Whenever I'm aching somewhere I give it at least a month to sort itself out, since it's what my doctor would tell me to do anyway. His advice is free, sure, but my time isn't.

    1. Yeah the reason I don't like going to the doctor much is every time I go they tell me to give it time to go away on its own. It does hurt less than it did yesterday. I think as long as I don't put pressure on it then it'll go away. It's Thursday anyway and I doubt I'll be able to get an appointment anyway. If it still hurts Monday it's probably something I should get looked at.

  2. Sorry to hear about more health problems.. it took me near a lifetime to get my health problems under control and then when I did a new one pops up.. if you do spend a lot of time researching health it does pay off in the long run though at times it may seem like all the advice is wrong or nothing seems to work.. it's a matter of finding the good advice and what works for you.

  3. Let's hope it's something minor and doctor can sort it!

  4. I missed this post somehow, hope you can get this sorted out, I would go to the doctor.


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