Monday, 18 January 2016

What A Terrible Week That Was

Man last week was just terrible. I don't think I really need to go too much into why. I really wanted to cancel Monday. Mondays just have not been good lately. First Lemmy, then Bowie. Though now other days aren't safe either. We seem to be forming a "69 Club" to go with the "27 Club".
Too many, too young.
Though outside of those global tragedies I had a number of personal tragedies of my own. I feel quite comfortable saying that last week may well have been the worst week of my life. The time I went on that ski trip may finally have been surpassed. No wait, maybe that really is the worst week. Either way last week sucked.

I barely did any fiction writing because I was kept busy by writing work. Though I'm not really going to complain about that. I had work to do. Woe is me. Yes it's pathetic to whine about something like that. So I won't. I can still, however, lament that I wasn't able to get any work done.

The upside of work is that I get money. The downside is that I need that money because on Saturday my phone finally broke. It's been going slow this past month and then I dropped it one time too many. Now all that money I worked so hard for is already going to get spent on a new phone. I didn't realise how much I counted on it until it was gone. Ain't that always the way?

On top of that I lost a necklace, broke things, have been dreadfully lonely all week, and had some other bad things happen that I don't really feel like going in to. I'm not very good at disclosing about my personal life. Especially my failures.

Yet I run a personal blog. Go figure. I hope your week was better than mine. 


  1. It happens, doesn't it? Not much you can do about it other than keep marching on.
    Nothing wrong with spending a week working for bread. Unfortunate your phone broke, but that means it was probably time to replace it anyway. "Budget smartphones" are a pretty hot thing right now, you'll be able to find something affordable I'm sure.

  2. It seems like it was a rough week for everybody.

    I was going to say you had a better week than Bowie, but I don't know if that's true. I don't have any inside information on him, and anyway, he DID have his first number one album...

    I hope this week goes better for you!

  3. 2016 is not off to a good start for the world in general just going by the news. It is really cold in Toronto lately like -11c today, all bad.

    1. I think you are very intelligent, how about that for a boost today Mark!

  4. Hopefully you're getting all of 2016's bad shit out of the way early and the rest of the year will be great!

  5. Oh wow...that's a bad week. The good news is, it's over!

  6. We all have weeks like those and it sucks when we do

  7. Like the wise Yoda who goes by the Jedi name "Donald Trump" always says... "It's a lot of money if you don't have it"... which in our case, losing a phone can bankrupt us.


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