Thursday, 28 January 2016

Never Let It Be Too Late

I'm not very good at making this kind of post to be honest. I'm not that good at talking about the more serious personal aspects of my life. But last night something pretty bad happened and it made me want to make a post. So make a post about it I shall.

About this time last year my family received the pretty bad news that my stepfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Most people know what that is by now but if you don't it's a very bad degenerative disease that slowly destroys your memories and your brain along with them.

Whenever I saw him he seemed like he was doing okay. He always knew who I was and he didn't seem to be losing his memory. But I'd heard from my mum there were times he didn't recognise her or my sister, his daughter. So I know he was doing bad. He just always had it together when I saw him.

Then, last night, something bad happened. My dad got a call from my mum saying that he had wandered off and gone missing. The good news is that he turned up safe and sound but he was still gone for a good hour or so. There's no telling what he could have done if he wasn't found.

So I guess that's the message of this post. If you know someone who has Alzheimer's then please, do what you can for them. Sometimes I'm glad I'm not seeing this degeneration, but at the same time I wish I could be there more.

Actually that diagnosis is what made me want to focus so much on finishing Immortal Space. The book is dedicated to my stepdad. He was always trying to motivate me to be more than I was and I wanted to be able to give him something he could be proud of. Then it was too late.

Never let it be too late.


  1. Alzheimer's is fucking savage man. Reading about these things, it's genuinely scary. Sorry your stepdad, your relatives and you have to go through this.

  2. How upsetting that must have been for everyone involved! Alzheimers is such a terrible disease. I'm glad it all turned out well and your step-dad was found safe and sound.

  3. How difficult. It is so hard to remember that we need to appreciate every moment.

  4. So sorry to hear this news Mark. Wandering off is not a good thing he is getting worse and quite fast.

  5. My nanna has Alzheimers she started showing signs of it 18 years ago and my pop cared for her at home till he got sick in 2010 and ended up in hospital he also passed away the same year and so nan went into a nursing home she is still there she will be 95 this year. She is bedridden and spends most of the day asleep, she is unable to feed herself and only speaks a couple words here and there. It is such a terrible diesase


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