Monday, 4 January 2016

My Resolutions

To be honest I generally don't make resolutions and dislike the whole "New year new me" thing because no one ever sticks to it. Thankfully my gym is in a small town so I never see any of those people. My boss tells me they turn up at night though. So I guess I just miss them.

I've decided that this year I should make some resolutions and stick to them. You have to make resolutions you can actually stick to or there's no point. So this is what I resolve to do this year.

This year I will

  • Write one chapter of my book a week. Even if I can only squeeze out 500 words a day. I need to stop this all or nothing mentality I have to writing. It's okay to write a few paragraphs at a time if that's all I have the time and energy for. 
  • When this story is done I will submit it to a publisher. I will do this fully accepting it will likely be rejected. But I can not run away from negative criticism. I need people to tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can learn. Besides, they might give me a second chance if I make the changes they suggest. 
  • I will go to the gym twice a week even if my boss can't go with me. If I'm afraid of walking up there on my own I can grow a pair of balls or just have my dad drive me up. What matters is the exercise gets done. 
  • I will go back to my diet. I really fell off the wagon when I had my operation and stopped seeing Morgan. I got used to eating fast food and not cooking. It's not cool anymore and I need to get back to how I was. 
In order to make sure I stick to these goals I will be more accountable for my actions. Therefore the first Monday of each month, beginning next month, will be an update on the progress of The Spirit. The first Thursday of each month will be an update on my weight, after I weigh myself at the gym on the Monday. 

I think that's it really. Do you have any resolutions? 


  1. I need to get 6 hours of sleep per night during the week. I just need to do it. Trying to catch up on the weekends isn't cool anymore.

    500 words a day is sort of ambitious, though. Tom Robbins says he never writes more than 500 words a day towards a novel. The problem I have is that by the time I have myself worked up for the story and mindset of the writing, I'm in it for the long haul. So it's 2,000 words or nothing.

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress!

    1. That's exactly how I feel towards writing. I feel that if I can't throw out 2000+ words in one session then it's not worth it. I used to be able to do that too. Nowadays with all my freelance writing gigs I can't maintain that kind of thinking. 500 words a day is fine.

      Good luck with your own resolutions. I gave up on getting enough sleep years ago.

  2. That's some good goals man, especially the one about no longer putting things off. There will never be a perfect time, so the perfect time is now.
    And regarding the gym: people go there to get or stay fit. Even if Lord Obesity Himself came walking in, nobody would bat an eye. And if they did take special notice, it'd be respect. It takes something to make change, so don't fear doing that.

    1. I have all the respect in the world for people who go to the gym. I started going as a really fat guy, and still am. So I know how hard it is to get going and started. I just question the motives of people going there at the start of the year who I know will likely not last. I guess I couldn't escape that gym-bro mentality bro.

  3. Very good resolutions even making them must have done some good.

  4. Good luck with the resolutions Mark!

  5. I like the goals, but more than that I like the posts that hold you accountable. That's great incentive to, well, not look like a dick by coming up way short.

    There's no strict resolutions for either of us. Just "write more, draw more, suck less." We're simple guys.

  6. I also don't do resolutions because I am too lazy to follow through with them so don't see the point

  7. I think, after three books, I'm pretty close to done with the whole Create Space thing. This year I believe I'll pursue "traditional" publishing for my 2016 opus. Then, when I suffer the (likely) bout of rejection, I'll probably head back to Create Space. Good luck to you!


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