Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Motivations Are Screwy

So yesterday I finished up a huge writing job. One of the gigs I offer is rewriting articles. Sometimes people send me grammatical messes they want me to fix, and sometimes people just need something rewritten. So last week (on New Years Eve even) someone approached me and asked me if I could rewrite a huge document; 22,000 words to be precised.
Almost as big as this dude's biceps
 I originally set a goal of two or three weeks, and gave myself a deadline of 30 days. But as I just said at the start there, I wrote it all in five or six days. That was an average of 5k words a day. Actually yesterday and the day before I did write at least 5k words. The reason I worked so hard and wrote so much? Money of course.
It was a bit more than $17
I am motivated by money a lot. When I wrote Tulips and Other Stories I also wrote that much. It's made up of six or seven short stories, all of which were written in a day. I buckled down and wrote like mad for a week, just as I did here. Because my books haven't sold all that well I don't have too much motivation to write them, which is why I have trouble making myself write. I know that I should write for myself, for fun, and for the audience, but without an audience there's no audience to write for. There's nothing to write for but money.

That's why I made you guys my audience and my accountabilibuddies. That's why I hope dedicating myself to writing a chapter a week and updating you will keep me in line. To be honest if I wrote to my full potential I could release a book every few months. If a publisher said to me "We want you to write a book in six months." I'd have it written in two. At most.

I wish this wasn't the case but that's just how it is. Like I said you can't write for an audience that you don't believe exists. They'll be there though. One day. For sure.


  1. It's not like there anything inherently wrong with working for money. I mean, if I didn't need money, I sure as hell wouldn't be working towards a steady job. Whatever keeps you rolling.

  2. Everybody needs something to motivate them to write, right? Money is as good and honest a motivation as anything. An audience is a good motivation, too.

  3. I hope that big job well done brings more your way!

  4. We are here for you Mark, keep going on your passion!

  5. I know how you feel... my lack of motivation is mainly from lack of success


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