Friday, 11 December 2015

The Funny Pages

Man I wonder how well these posts do in terms of views. I should take a look at that some time. Not right now though. I'm tired. I'm going out for a Christmas meal tonight so I should be able to make a post out of that at least some time next week.

Whenever someone says "Let's get down to business" I immediately think "TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!" Always
I wish I lost more this year
The IT Crowd is one of my favourite shows.
A Canadian confession
You have to be really lazy to set something on fire from a distance
Worked in retail; can confirm
Darth Maul is a douchebag
Darn tootin
I too wish to own this watch


  1. I always enjoy the LOLs you post! (The Canadian one is true, by the way. Sorry!)

  2. I am reminded of this funny story in the late 70's this German Canadian family had their kids watching these war shows on TV. The dad would get so upset when his son would yell out 'the dirty Huns!' This would be the American perspective lol.


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