Monday, 28 December 2015

It's Not Much But It's Something

So Christmas has come and gone. It's incredible how quickly Christmas is forgotten seeing how it starts in November. I miss the days the Christmas season began after Thanksgiving and I'm not even an American. Anyway, with Christmas over comes time to reflect on what we got this year. For me it wasn't much.

The microphone and the two little ponies were the bulk of my Christmas presents. The microphone came from a friend who wanted to help me get into voice over work and the ponies were from my boss. I don't have a lot of friends so the present from him is all I really get outside of family gifts. Family gifts are the usual gift sets for men (deoderatns/shower gels, things like that) and I got some socks too of course. The laptop I'm writing this on is another present as my last one became too damaged. I also got a game and £20 from my brother to buy more games with. Along with two other little ponies. So really it wasn't too bad at all.

The fun part about the money from my brother is that he gave it me after I gave him a pouch of tobacco valued at about £5. My dad gave it to me to give to him. I picked out another present for him that was more valuable but my dad still paid for it. So after I found out what dad picked up was just a pouch of tobacco I said he should give him the more expensive present and I can take the rap for giving him a shit one.

About ten minutes before I gave him his present he texted my dad asking for...tobacco. So I gave him just what he wanted after all. I overslpet so I couldn't give it him in the morning. I also had a lovely meal with my sister and her family.

I think the thing I've learned this year from Christmas is that I need more friends to buy me shit.

How'd your Christmas go?


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Mark!

  2. Hey at least you didn't have to work at Walmart on Christmas.


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