Thursday, 10 December 2015

I'm Apparently Healthy

As I mentioned on Monday's post I was due for yet another hospital visit on Tuesday. Things didn't get off to the best start as I arrived at the hospital an hour early. I was sure my appointment was at 4:20 and my dad was sure it was 3:40. As the driver he got to pick. Plus I have more faith in his memory than mine. Turns out I was right.
If I never see another waiting room again I'll be a happy man
 When I got in they offered me a choice; I could occupy my time elsewhere in the hospital or I could be checked in early in the hopes I could be seen early. I chose to check in early but fully resigned myself to the prospect of being stuck in that waiting room for over an hour. In all of my other visits to the hospital I wasn't seen until about 20 or 30 minutes after the appointed time.

Oddly enough in quite the stroke of luck I was seen early. About half an hour early to be exact. I was still stuck in the waiting room for half an hour but I could live with that. So that was a lesson learned for me; turn up an hour early and be seen half an hour early, or turn up on time and be seen half an hour late.
Basically your waiting period starts as soon as you arrive.
The better news was, as the title infers, that I'm apparently completely healthy. I was a little worried about my throat but the doctor took a look and even shoved a camera back up my nose (it was oddly not as unpleasant the second time around) and said everything looked fine. Any problem I have is completely normal and should go away. Also they sent the tonsils they cut out of me to be tested and all the tests came back clean. So the only problem I had was tonsilitis. No tonsils; no tonsilitis.

Now to just wait until I get my sleep study results back. Then I can sit in a waiting room for half an hour again.



  1. Glad to hear you're A-OK! That spiraling clock is a great image for time suck.

  2. Sounds good to me me Mark, let us know the sleep test results!

  3. Glad to hear the good news so far!

  4. Well, that's good news. Good to hear that all is well with your health.


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