Thursday, 3 December 2015


I was approached recently by a glasses company called Firmoo and was offered a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review of them on this here blog. It might come as no surprise to learn I took them up on that offer after being assured the glasses were non-prescription as I don't currently wear glasses. Well, not spectacles.
I liked the case, it had a map on it.
I set up my order and the glasses arrived earlier this week. It was pretty fast really considering it was an overseas shipment. Though to be honest the packaging was a little excessive. It was one of those cases where a very large bag contains a smaller bag that contains the actual product.
I like half rim glasses, but my friend thinks full rims would suit me better
 The glasses themselves however look pretty good and, of course, I look damn good in them.

I think I have a new author profile photo
The glasses are pretty well made and come with everything you need to take care of them (case, cloth, and even a few spare parts). Because the lenses are non-prescription they are a little cheaply made so I can't speak on that. I also can't speak about how well they actually correct vision because, again, they aren't correcting my vision. They were still very clear to see through however and, at the very least, didn't hamper my vision.

The team I spoke with were all very nice and easy to work with. The order page is pretty simple to understand too. If you have a prescription then you can just tell them how you need your lenses and they'll set it up. In fact that is one major downside to this whole affair; I could probably do with glasses.

I've been putting off going to the optician because of the price of glasses. If I'd waited until after visiting the optician I could have gotten a prescription and a free pair of glasses.

Oh well. We learn to live with our screw ups.

But hey if you need glasses for any reason I'd recommend Firmoo. They talk to a lot of bloggers so reviews that cover the things I couldnt (the correctiveness of the lenses) shouldn't be hard to find.


  1. As i know nowadays a lot of firms do such exchange. You make a review (and this way an advertising) They give you their article as a present. My friend from got such way a very good in use laptop mouse.

  2. Those glasses look good on you.

    I wish someone would offer me free glasses! I've no eye care insurance and can't afford the eye doctor, so I just go around pretending I can see everything just fine with the old glasses.....

  3. That's actually a pretty good portrait picture man. Got that "dark business" feel to it, as if you'd be writing auto-biographical horrors or something.

  4. You do look good in them! Very 'writer-like'.

  5. The perks of being a successful blogger.


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