Friday, 18 December 2015


(This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I messed up the scheduling!)

With stock markets there's always one piece of advice people offer; diversify your assets. That way you have plenty of ways to make money and if one outlet goes down you still have more. Don't worry though, this post has nothing to do with stocks. I haven't entered that market yet.

Though I have considered it a few times
 Diversifying is just a good idea in general. For the most part. It's definitely proved pretty useful for me as a freelancer recently. As you're no doubt aware I supplement my income through freelance writing. Sometimes it's pretty good, sometimes it's...not so good. One major problem with freelance writing is if that if article writing is all you have then you're only able to offer that one service. Artists can offer plenty of different graphics related services, and musicians can offer plenty of different music related services, but writers can only offer writing.
At least I'm a good writer
Recently though I decided to try and diversify. I noticed that I was getting a lot of people asking me to rewrite articles, rather than just write them from scratch. So I decided to offer that as a separate service and I have to say it worked out quite well for me. People have started using that service and I've been kept very busy these past few weeks thanks to a huge influx of freelance writing work. The downside is I've not been able to write in The Spirit, but this is the way I chose things to go.

I've also started advertising voice work in two separate services after a friend of mine was super cool and sent me a microphone for Christmas. It sounds pretty good. Good enough for voice work? I guess we'll see.

P.S I didn't mean to do this, but I would be remiss at this point if I didn't say that hey, if you're interested in hiring me, just look to the right there and you'll see a link to my Fiverr profile that has all the gigs I offer.


  1. Those are both great ideas, Mark -- best of luck with them!

  2. Seems like there are opportunities for free lance writers but still a lot of work


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