Thursday, 19 November 2015

Who Doctors The Doctors?

This is two weeks in a row now that I've been hoping to update y'all about a successful post-surgery check up. I was supposed to have a quick check up last week but the hospital called and said they had to cancel. I was able to get it rebooked to this week, Tuesday to be precise, only for them to call Tuesday morning and tell me that it had to be rearranged again because the consultant was ill.
Srs; who doctors the doctors?
Now it's been rearranged to next week so hopefully the third time is the charm and I actually get seen next week. I can give you a brief report though. The pain in my throat that I was complaining about a week or so ago has gone down quite a lot. Actually it only really hurts now when I stretch my mouth, such as when I yawn. Which happens a sadly large amount of times.
I'm not sure if these cats are yawning or extremely happy
I also still have a bit of cottonmouth but I'm sure that too will pass. Maybe I'll be completely healthy and pain free by next week. Which is not very likely knowing me. Because it's Winter I can look forward to months of having a cold actually. I still prefer Winter over Summer but damn I miss being healthy sometimes. Actually during Summer I'm plagued with allergies. I'm ill all year round.

Fuck sake.

Though by far the biggest issue I've had is my diet. Post surgery my diet was pretty restricted and I ended up eating pretty badly. I've had trouble adjusting back to my regular diet because of it. I stocked up on fruit when I went shopping yesterday so hopefully that kicks me back into gear and I lose the weight I've undoubtedly put on and then get back to losing more weight still. I guess we'll see.


  1. I suppose Doctors can get ill but you seem to be getting better all the same.

  2. Glad you're feeling better and getting back on the healthy eating wagon.

  3. "I'm ill all year round."
    Story of my life, I know your pain. Luckily my colds rarely get real bad, but they're still there sadly. Try eating lots of oranges though, those tend to help.

  4. Yeah what they hell is with the damn doctors

  5. Sounds like you are on the mend!


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