Monday, 9 November 2015

Meeting The (Local) Authors

A few weeks ago my dad found a copy of one of my books lying around. One of my nieces grabbed it and I didn't notice. I hope they didn't read it as barely any of those stories are fit for kids. Anyway, he asked me if he could keep it and I said sure. Fast forward to two weeks ago and I find myself thinking that because he never mentioned it again, he must not have liked it. About ten minutes after I think that he tells me he likes it and that he would poke around and see if he could find any help for local authors. Specifically me.

I believe I may be psychic because this is hardly the first time someone has responded to my thoughts like that. Okay I'm not being super serious there but it was nice that he said he liked it and wanted to help. He even said he wanted to send a copy to one of my aunts and gave me the money to pick up a copy of Tulips to send to her, and a copy of Immortal Space to give to him. I'm finally going to get a physical copy of it.

You can help too by buying one of my books.
So he looks around and he finds that the large library near me has a local authors stall and that there would be some local authors there last week. I thought it would be a good chance to talk to them and find out if they had any advice, not for writing, but marketing. Marketing is what I suck at. Mostly out of an inability to afford advertising.

So last week we packed our bags (not literally) and headed out to the library. But unfortunately we missed them. We got there for 2PM, which is when my dad thought it started, but it seems that was when it ended. So I actually failed to meet the local authors and get some help from them.

However my dad did take a note of the number on the stall. It had a number for people to set up an event of their own. So it would be nice to give them a call and see if I could get anything up there. Just go to the place and meet people and try and talk to them. It's a start.

That won't be for a few months though. They only set it up once a month and they have someone lined up for next month. Plus right now I'm far too depressed to do something like that. It got so bad that my boss asked me what was wrong. Not that I told him. I don't think I could even if I wanted to.


  1. Keep plugging away Mark, it will happen!

  2. That's a good idea -- I hope it works out for you!

  3. Hey man, I hope everything picks up. I know the depression part is just an afterthought to your post but I also know how much that can wreck your mood and what you're working on. Networking with other writers is a great idea. In fact, we met up with some local authors before, traded books with each other, and exchanged honest reviews to help each other get a few more ratings on Amazon. That's something to consider too.

  4. Never give up Mark, this was encouraging news.

  5. Sometimes I wonder why my family never offered to help me with my dreams. Oh no I don't.. please, these people.. gawd, seriously .. yeah right.. what was I thinking. For marketing, you could try writing to some of your favorite authors and ask for advice. Maybe one of them will offer to help you.

  6. That's pretty cool, nonetheless.
    People often find copies of my books laying around. They're generally wrapped around fish, but it's something.

  7. Well at least he liked it and as for you getting help I hope that works out too, just saying


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