Monday, 30 November 2015

Looks Like I'm Not Making My First Appearance (Yet)

This is a post I've been wanting to make for a while yet. Luckily it's a post that won't end up out of date so I can still make it now. I posted a while back that I was contacting my library to see if I could take advantage of their local author's booth.
I love this library
I finally bit the bullet and gave them a call. I knew they only did one display a month so I was expecting a wait. What I didn't expect was so late that the library would actually no longer be running the program. See, they were booked up until March which also has the distinction of being the last month of the fiscal year.
That's when y'all pay taxes
They don't know for sure if they'll be continuing the program after March. They might but they're also considering another option. The other option is holding an open day type event for several authors, rather than just one. That's the kind of thing I'd be bad at to be honest. I know it would do me a lot of good but I'd be too awkward and nervous to talk to anyone or make myself stand out above the other authors.

I've been added to a mailing list so I'll know which program they go with. If they go with any. And I'll try to get myself on the program when it's announced. For now though my hopeful appearance at the library is not to be.

I'll need to find somewhere else to turn up.


  1. "That's the kind of thing I'd be bad at to be honest."
    And that's exactly why you need to go and do it anyway. Man the fuck up and Just Do It™. Yeah it'll suck, but you're going to need to be able to do these kinds of things eventually. Might as well get some practice in now that there isn't years worth of fame at stake, eh?

  2. I think I'll go check out my local library. Heck, you gave me the idea for Create Space, so you're a great research source!.

  3. Mark there must be other places like this that you can check out! Start googling!

  4. Let's hope they continue the program either way!


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