Friday, 13 November 2015

Let The Laziness Continue!

It's Friday, have some funny pictures. We all need a laugh every now and then.

Grandpa jokes are a level above dad jokes
That's just razy lacism.
I want to believe. This also happened near me!
I also want this to be true
As a white person I can confirm this
I've also done things like this before
I hate the dub but I love cheesy one liners
Fun fact; Wonderwall was the only song I could play on the guitar.
Nissan why you so funny?
Needlessly hilarious
It's just guy love, between two guys
This always cracks me up
Finally some cats because every good post needs cats


  1. And Sean Sparling hired him because those are the kind of A-Holes that get things done!!

  2. I laughed at them all but the cat one was my favourite, of course.

  3. And THAT is the type of Grandpa I will be!

  4. And THAT is the type of Grandpa I will be!


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