Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hand Made

Like most denizens of the internet I have spent some time, and a lot of money, over on Etsy. Just last week I found myself there again and I'd like to tell you all a little story. I also feel I should point out I wasn't paid for this at all and the person I'm writing this about has no idea I'm even doing it.

Well anyway if you're unfamiliar with Etsy it's a site that allows people to sell their handmade goods. Hence the title of the post. A lot of the site is dedicated to fans of certain shows. Indeed a lot of my My Little Pony stuff actually comes from Etsy. This time I went for something a little different and had a teeny tiny doll/plush made of a character from a manga that quickly became one of my favourite mangas.
The manga is called Ah! My Goddess and yes I'm aware I have issues.
Anyway I looked around and I did indeed find someone who I could commission a small plush. I found larger plushes too but I was on a budge so I had to stick to a small one. That's when I found Carmen, who runs the Etsy shop OOKAPlush (One of a Kind Plush). At first I wasn't sure what to expect given the size but when she was finished Carmen sent me a picture to make sure I was happy and boy was I. She arrived yesterday and the finished product is just as good as it was before she was sent out.
Look how cute she is. And good quality too given it's the size of my hand and fits in my shirt pocket.
Carmen also included a few little touches that helped make me smile by wrapping her up in nice gift wrap and including a small little card too.

I don't know about you guys but those small touches really mean a lot to me. It's probably a good thing no one saw me unwrap the package because, you know, looking like a two year old while you unwrap a custom made anime plush is hardly something that a 25 year old man should be seen doing.

But hey, if you find you need a character recreating in tiny form then I can't help but recommend Carmen and the lovely work she does. She has a lot of the more popular characters ready to go in her store but she also does take commissions. The commissions take a few weeks to build but like I said a lot of care and quality goes into them. If I can get her just one more sale then I'll be happy. We are coming up on the holidays after all.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to go die in shame and embarrassment at the prospect of having written this post. This is one of the things that's going to come and bite me in the ass if I get famous. This and the rest of this blog.


  1. Now I want to know more about the "Ah, My Goddess" manga. Plot? Characters? C'mon, don't leave us hanging!

    P.S. If this is the deepest, darkest secret you have, Mark, then I wouldn't worry if I were you. It's sweet, not sinister.

  2. Good for you! But don't mention Etsy to daughter and I spend hours there, and always end up spending too:)


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