Monday, 16 November 2015

Forgotten Writing Memories

As you all know by now I'm a freelance writer in my spare time (read; whenever someone hires me). This past week my Fiverr account practically blew up and so far this month I've made about $90. I don't expect that to last though so I won't be getting hyped about that. I'm just pleased to get work when I can.
It's always nice to read those kinds of figures though
Anyway one of the jobs last week involved writing a script for a promotional video. Writing a script meant getting an idea of timing so I found myself on an old writing haunt of mine Quabel. I'd link to it but you'll find out why I won't in a minute. Quabel was what I used before I put Microsoft Office on my computer. It was distraction free, had a word count, and also gave predictions about reading and speaking time. I wrote podcast scripts on there to give me an idea of how long a podcast would last. I fed the script into it and saw it would take about two and a half minutes to read, which is plenty for a promotional video.

While I was there I saw a notice that said that they would be closing down on November 27th because they didn't have enough time to run the site anymore. To that end everyone should download their documents. So I spent a good ten minutes looking through and downloading all my documents. It was a pretty big nostalgia trip.

This is only a portion of my documents there
The original few chapters I wrote for Caspian are up on there. As is the original version of the story I wrote where I practically wrote out my suicide note in the form of fiction. That fanfic I always refer to but will never link to. I think I did link to it once. The Bullet is up there, as is the original version of The Beast.

There are also a few unfinished stories on there. By the time I was done I had collected two or three stories that were unfinished. I also had no copies of these stories on my computer. If it wasn't for the fact I had a job that had me use Quabel I might not have gone back on there before they closed their doors and those stories would be lost forever.

It was nice seeing the stories I'd written before up there. But I have to say it was better to save stories I need to complete one day.

If you're that curious about my fictional suicide note you can find it here.


  1. Well, IMO, it's going pretty well for you. :)

  2. You know you've made it when fit studs are commenting on your posts...

    Woo, money! That's awesome, man! On top of that, I too like to go through old writing sometimes and kick up some nostalgia. See old ideas, see how my writing's grown, etc. And hey, as long as it's just fiction, that's a great (albeit sad) story.

    1. I haven't been hired in a few days so I think the money train has stopped for now but it was nice while it lasted. Unfortunately when I look back at my old writing I feel a sense of actually having gotten worse over time, not better. Man when I wrote that story those feelings were pretty true. There wasn't much fiction there. It was a very low point and I'm glad I had an outlet in writing.

  3. Serendipity strikes again! Good thing you were able to save your stuff before the site closes down.

  4. Great you have been getting some writing gigs!

  5. I say if you go back and read something you almost forgot you had written, and then still think it's good, you know you are a good writer.


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