Friday, 23 October 2015

The Hospital Was Too Hopeful

So I went to the doctor yesterday, as outlined in my last post. I was a bit worried about the fact my mouth was still hurting and I was out of the prescribed pain medication. I still can't eat properly. The journey to and from was pretty uneventful. It's only a 20 minute walk away. Me and dad missed the bus on the way back though. By about half a minute. We just walked back instead and beat the next bus so that was good. I guess.
It literally drove off right before we got there
My doctor was pretty cool. I need to remember his name. It's Dr. Hall. See, they send you to a random doctor unless you request one specifically. Anyway, I told him what was wrong and he gave me a quick exam and checked where my tonsils used to be. They were, as you'd expect, still red and sore. Thankfully there was no sign of infection though. He told me that the hospital were being a little too optimistic when they prescribed me only a week's worth of pain medication. Apparently I can expect to feel like this for another week at the least, and another three works at the most. If the pain feels worse in a week then I can be concerned.
These pills have now become a staple part of my diet
So, yep, things are where they should be. I should be in pain and I had better get used to it. Yayyyyy. Apparently they don't do tonsillectomies all that much anymore because they cause, unbelievably, tonsillitis. What I'm suffering is basically pretty bad tonsilitis that will, at least, go away when it's bloody done ruining my mouth. Now I'm glad they took both tonsils. Now there's no chance I'll have to suffer through this again.


  1. Something something "woohoo painkillers!"
    Well, it happens sometimes. Just gotta tough it out man, good luck!

    1. Yeah but I hate the painkillers man. They suck and just leave me a vegetable. I'll get through it. I also hate that I haven't been able to exercise in over a week and won't be able to until I'm off the painkillers. Even walking to and from the doctors was a chore.

  2. The news was what we thought, tough love from the last doctor!

  3. Well, at least you know what the situation is and that it's normal. I hope you're back to normal in a week's time!

  4. so glad to hear no infection and you will be fine!

  5. Can you imagine how people coped way back when before the invention of painkillers people would just suffer so much


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