Monday, 19 October 2015

One Streak Lives; One Streak Dies

So I was supposed to make this post last week but I was just too dead to do it. I'm still feeling like shit. Now it's because the painkillers are just messing with me. I wouldn't mind so much if they, you know, killed the pain. I need to get back to doing things though. I'm tired of feeling useless and not doing anything. I never thought I'd ever say that.

Well anyway, it's time to talk about my weight loss. I was worried last week that I would have actually put some weight on. I'd eaten badly, and had tried to mitigate the damage and keep the continuous weight loss streak alive. There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that I actually did manage to lose some weight. It was only a few pounds but that is a lot better than gaining weight. Let me tell you kids; starvation works! I'm just kidding before people get worried. I didn't really starve myself. There were just days when I ate pretty much the bare minimum.
Now for the bad news. Unfortunately this was the last time I'll be meeting my current nutritionist. I'm sad to have to say goodbye to her. We'd usually end up chatting for up to an hour about anything and everything. This time we talked for about an hour and a half. We covered lots of random shit. She's always been proud of me for my weight loss and was a source of motivation for me. So I really am sad to have to say goodbye to her. I'm also sad because she never got to see me at my optimal weight. She's had to drop out about half way through the journey.

Here's hoping I don't fall off that wagon. Or break it with my fat ass.


  1. And here's some more good news -- losing those tonsils will bring your weight down a couple more ounces, right? BONUS!

  2. I read every single 'good news' and 'bad news' in Farnsworth's voice. Thank you for that. It was awesome.

    Don't forget, you have all of us around here to keep you motivated. Don't fall off that wagon, good sir. We need you around and healthy so you can keep writing. People think of writing as a sedentary career where it doesn't matter what you look like/weigh, but just look at George R.R. Martin. Dude's only 67, and people are still freaking out that he'll die before he can finish the Game of Thrones series because he's quite fat and very unhealthy looking.

  3. good for the few pounds lost, so sorry you are losing your current nutritionist. Maybe you will like the new one even better!

  4. That's the shame to lose someone you had so much in common with

  5. Being unwell is a good way to lose weight, just saying
    I go through phases where I eat all the wrong foods, then all the right foods and back to the wrong foods, I am, however, walking every day doing around 9,000 to 11,000 steps a day


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