Thursday, 8 October 2015

Now I Have Nothing

Even though it might have been a bit much to constantly talk about my health, and health related problems, it did give me something to talk about. Now that all of that is over for the next two weeks I find myself having very little to discuss. I guess it does go to show one thing though; if you do things in your life you will have more to talk about.

I can't even talk about writing at the minute because I've completely stopped that. I did a lot of commercial writing in a short time and burned myself out again. I need to pick writing up again but honestly I also want to do some more commercial writing. It's just a matter of finding a job. I thought I had one yesterday but I never heard back from the trial article. I also never heard back from the store up the road I applied for a job at.

I'd say a mean thing about them but you never know, they'd probably read this. Maybe they already did and that's why they never got back to me. I'd wonder what comes up if you Google me but I already know. There's another Mark Noyce who happens to also be an English writer and what happens when you Google me is that he comes up. I tried publishing Immortal Space under the name Mark L. Noyce but Amazon wouldn't let me for some reason. I had to redo the cover through Createspace (an Amazon subsidiary) and they automatically put Mark Noyce on it and I couldn't find a way to change it.

You know, there are probably a few things in there I could have dedicated a post to. Oh well. Live and learn.


  1. What about other interests, new interests?

  2. My daughter was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea after her sleep test, she will get an oxygen mask. She is only 23.

  3. Well, let's hope this other Mark Noyce who comes up on Google isn't a psychopath or serial killer or something. Don't want him tarnishing your reputation!

  4. Harhar, should have gotten a more unique name. *elbow nudge*

    Actually just Googled my name again and I'm surprised. Ten years ago nothing came up but after a decade of online activity some of my activities are actually results on the first page.


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