Thursday, 29 October 2015

It Looks Like I Don't Have A Job

So I posted on Monday about what I felt was a pretty successful job interview but it looks like any notions I had of achieving a job were premature and, as is often the case when I feel hope, misguided. I was told that if I had the job I should hear back by Wednesday. They decided who got the job on Monday actually. But it's now Thursday and I still haven't heard back from them.
The face I've been making a lot lately
While it would be nice if they had emailed me to say I didn't have the job I don't think I can really expect that. I suppose there's always a small chance I might have the job and they still haven't gotten around to informing people yet but I'm not sure what could be causing a delay at this point. So it looks like I don't have the job and I get to enjoy the misery and sense of failure that comes with being me for a little bit longer.



  1. Don't be disheartened, Mark! Keep getting out there and applying. It's a numbers game. Sooner or later you'll be the candidate who gets the job!

  2. You can learn something from each failed application for sure...not a loss.

  3. I think many employers are slack with not letting people know they didn't get the job or why they didn't get the job sometimes I think a person fails the interview because of the way they look just my thought


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