Friday, 16 October 2015

I'm Still Dead Inside So Have Some Laughs

I was going to write a post about getting weighed but to be honest the thought of writing more than this introductory paragraph makes my head hurt. I can move properly but the inside is still mushy. My mouth still hurts like a bitch too. The painkillers! They do nothing! Except make me sound silly.

I hear this is accurate
I told this joke to my nutritionist this week actually. She had a good laugh. 
FIFA games have realistic corruption levels now! 
Just give up already
It'd be worth doing this for the joke
I still love this show. I have issues. 
They always let you know. Always
Good guy Obama. 
And we'll end with that little bit of political humour. Normal service will resume when I can eat properly and can go three minutes without pain in my mouth.


  1. I hope your throat heals quickly so the pain will end. You find the funniest LOLs -- love the "Good guy Obama" one and also "How old are you?"

  2. feel better soon least your sense of humour is alive and well.

  3. I really loled at the yogurt.

    It's funny because it's true.

    Hope you get well soon!!


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