Monday, 26 October 2015

I Might Be Getting A Job

Last week I reached a point I have managed to reach a few times before. I reached the point where a part of me gave up inside and I felt that I was more than ready to get a "real job". I wanted security and I know those kinds of things pay more. Even though I entered into an agreement with a guy whereby he would send me writing work each week he's actually yet to send me some because he's been abroad. That's hardly security, but I can see that it's really no one's fault in this case.
Not for a freelance writer anyway
So I'm going through my emails when I come across one of the emails I get every day telling me of the jobs going in my area. I see there's a job going at the tech department store near me. It's for Christmas temporary work and is the kind of thing I'd be good at. I have a lot of retail experience and an interest in technology. Not to mention they'd end up getting most of my paycheck back because I'd just buy from them a lot. Especially if they give me a sweet, sweet staff discount.
The company in question
I breezed through the online and phone interview stage. Yesterday I attended a group interview thing they had going on. They had me (and 14 other people) doing group activities and things and also gave us one on one interviews during that time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be really and hopefully I did a good enough job with everything to land a job there. I'll find out in the next few days if I do or don't. If I don't I can always become a delivery boy when I get a driving license. I'm not kidding when I say a delivery boy earns more. The local pizza shop is advertising for a delivery boy and they pay £7.20 an hour, cover gas and mileage, and even pay your insurance.

And that, Americans, is why tipping doesn't exist in England. Although you also get to keep tips.


  1. On the one hand, it's nice that tipping doesn't exist as it indicates wages are good enough for it to not be necessity. On the other hand, that also means there's no bonus for performing well, which is kind of a shame.
    I'll be rooting for you!

  2. I hope you get it! Or the delivery job if it pays more... and your insurance, which is a sweet bonus. Also, I'm not against tips, I just wish people weren't such greedy, selfish assholes (and then the system would work just fine).

  3. You mean all this time I have had to tip because these American capitalist pigs just won't pay their workers enough?? Well, now I am pissed again.

  4. Good luck, Mark! I hope you find something that you enjoy and that pays you well.

  5. Here waiters and delivery people live on their tips, as their job only pays them about $2.00 per hour (that's not an exaggeration unfortunately). Hope you get the job! And later the delivery job, I think I'd like doing that. Definitely beats sitting at a desk all day.

  6. Good luck Mark! My son's in the same boat looking for a full time job.

  7. WARNING: Ignorance ahead.
    So, is seven pounds a lot?
    By the way, my daughter is a waitress and she tells me that you (Americans, obviously) should always tip in cash and not leave a tip on a credit card. She said it makes her life easier. So, now, that is what I do.
    But, back to my original it a lot?

  8. Oh yeah, one other thing.
    If you get a job delivering pizza, don't say your job is "Pizza Delivery." Say it's "Italian Food Transportation Representative."
    Worked for me when I was at Dominos.
    Classed up my resume, for sure.


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