Thursday, 22 October 2015

Going Back To The Doctors. Again.

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of being sick and tired guys. Like, seriously, stop body. Just stop. I'm heading back to see my GP this afternoon. It's been a week since I had my tonsils out and I'm officially out of painkillers. Well, I have some Ibuprofen left but the paracetamol and penicillin? They're gone.
A very accurate representation of me this past week. Except the smile.
The only problem is that I still have the pain. My tonsil area (I can hardly call it my tonsils anymore) is still sore. I still can't eat properly. I'm even eating less because I hate the pain of swallowing. I was under the impression this would last for a few days and the amount of pills was a precaution. Not that they did a good job of stopping the pain anyway. It took five days for them to have an effect and then all they did was just make me lucid and stop me thinking. That was a little nice at least.
My brain most of the time.
So I'm going to go see my GP and let him know that I'm still in pain. There's also a strange taste in my mouth. At first I thought it was iced tea, and that I'd just drank so much I'd stained the inside of my mouth. Now the taste is still there after a few days and after I've drank lots of other things. I'm not so sure. I'm not too worried because it doesn't taste like blood. Unless I've forgotten what blood tastes like.

If it's blood I'm kinda fucked because I was supposed to go straight to the emergency room if I noticed blood. I didn't. But if it was there and I didn't know then, yeah, fuck.


  1. Go back to the doctor Mark, just in case!

  2. Who thought tonsils could cause so much trouble

  3. I hope it all turns out well! Perhaps you've got a metallic taste in your mouth from all the medication?

  4. It might be an infection Mark, keep us posted and get to the doc quickly, if not emergency.


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