Monday, 7 September 2015

Planning DONE!

In the vein of providing accountability for myself that I started while writing Immortal Space, I decided I might as well start updating you guys on the progress of my next novel; The Spirit. It's a fantasy adventure set in a world where everyone has a Spirit that lives inside them. I'm sure I could go into more detail when I'm not as tired as I am right now.

Well as the title of the post implies this past week I went a little nuts and decided "Fuck it, let's get the plan done." So that's what I did. I sat down at my computer and began writing a basic plan and about an hour or two later I was finished with it. Go me. I've written up a basic plan that covers major events of the 20 chapters. Actually I started writing the new chapter last night and so far I've not touched on the actual main points put down in the plan.

The downside of keeping you guys up to date on The Spirit is that I won't be able to write it as fast as I did Immortal Space. The good news is that it should be shorter. The first draft at least. I already know a few things I'm going to be changing in the final version. See I'm writing it by hand so I can only tell you how many pages I've written. Though if it helps each page has about 250 words on it.

Right now that page count is 38. I've taken to numbering the pages because the pad is low quality and falls apart easy. Here's hoping I don't lose any of it!


  1. You figure out chapter count ahead of time? I guess it makes some sense, splitting the plot up into scenes which the chapters encompass, but I'd be careful about not making things to rigid.

    1. It's more figuring out a series of major events and assigning each one its own chapter. Twenty was just what came up. If I feel that one is too long, or conversely too short, I may combine them or split them as the case may be. I did that a couple of times with Immortal Space actually.

  2. I always wondered where to start with a novel...a master plan! I think talking about it here will enrich your novel, highlight areas that need work.

  3. The fact that you've got a plan so quickly means you already know your story internally. That's awesome. With a few of our stories we've spent days planning.

    As for promo, we're not sure. The cold hard truth is that readers don't respond at all to cross-blog promo. It's why we refuse to do things like blog tours and cover reveals, because it generally leads to zero copies sold and above that, reader annoyance. Half the time people tune out/get annoyed when we promote our own stuff. I just really don't know what we could do for you that would actually be effective. We take suggestions, though.

  4. The picture of you in real life just appears in my browser as a big white blotch.... so apparently you are a polar bear in a snowstorm. I guess it is a personal choice but I don't see how one can plan out in advance how many pages a book or story will be. I would find that extremely limiting, but maybe I just don't have your skills.

  5. You have a plan...yay you!
    I just wing it. No wonder my stuff sucks.

  6. A plan is a start unless you like to wonder around in the dark with no plan but really that isn't usually a good idea


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