Friday, 11 September 2015

Long Live The Queen

It's not very often I really flaunt my Britishness here. I don't think there's much special or to be proud of about where you're born. It's pretty much entirely by chance. Unless your parents specifically moved somewhere before giving birth to you so you'd grow up there. As far as I know my parents didn't do that. Tracing records is annoying though. There's no way to tell who is actually related to you when you just search for names on the census. Though I do think it would be pretty cool to trace my family tree.
Some family trees are straighter than others. 
Speaking of families where the family tree is a straight line (I think that counts as treason) the Royal family celebrated quite a milestone this week. Queen Elizabeth II (that's the second, not 11, you dumbasses who don't understand Roman numerals) became the longest reigning monarch, surpassing Queen Victoria, who is perhaps more famous.

I'm not much of a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but mentioning that story did let me use these quite funny tweets. I imagine they're fake, as I think David Cameron's Twitter account being hacked, or him actually being this retarded, would be bigger news. Anyway, have some fun while you celebrate the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch. If, you know, that's your thing.

Now that's a Queen I can support! Fake tweets courtesy of Newsthump, the UK's answer to The Onion.
A very important lesson. 


  1. Recently saw this video all about the family tree of the royal family and how the current queen came to be. Man, what a fucking mess that was.

  2. Very funny, especially that last one with Lincoln, LOL!

  3. David Cameron didn't say any of those things... it was Morgan Freeman.

  4. congrats to Queen Elizabeth II!

  5. I KNEW the Queen was in the Beatles! She's probably the one who killed Paul.


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