Monday, 21 September 2015

I Lost Slightly More Credibility

Last night I lost one of the few shreds of dignity and credibility that I had left. I did something I never really expected to do and am kind of surprised I did. But knowing me, and what I plan, it was probably bound to happen eventually. So, just what did I do? What was so terrible?

I joined Instagram.
Oh God I already feel bad about it
I still abhor social media. I barely use Twitter. It turns out most of my Twitter activity was caused by bots. More on that some other time. But I saw Twitter as a necessary evil. As a writer I do kind of need a way for people to connect with me. The same could be said of Instagram too. I know a few people on it and I guess it was about time I should have given up and picked it up.

I do want to eventually be someone with a little bit of fame. For that I need to give a way for people to follow me. Follow me and stalk me and eventually kill me.

I do take a lot of pictures though. It won't be the worst way in the world to share them with more people. Should I ever get any followers that is. Instagram seems to have less bots willing to follow you than Twitter.

If you are interested in following me on Instagram, and God only knows why you would, just hit me up at mark_noyce.
I have a cool profile photo at least.


  1. Ha! Like the old newb that I am, I actually just joined Instagram too. Like, created an account only days ago. Figured why the hell not? Celebrated by taking a picture of my cat. Yeah, rock on. So boom - you have been followed.

  2. Cool glasses, Mark! I've never even looked at Instagram but that's because I'm an old fart.

  3. I think you need a smart phone to join Instagram and I don't have one. I don't think I take many pictures anywho.

  4. I'm thinking of joining instagram but don't have a mobile phone and was hoping I can do it using my computer. If I manage to work it out I'll follow you too.


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