Thursday, 10 September 2015

I Don't Know How It Happened But I'm Glad It Did

So Tuesday was the day I got weighed. I didn't have a lot of conversation with Morgan this time around. I'm going through a pretty depressed period at the minute so I'm not much for conversation. I did hand her the leaflet for the animal farm I visited last month though. She's got a young kid so I thought she'd be interested. She was. So brownie points to me.
Mmm brownies. 
I somehow managed to lose four pounds last month. I don't know how many people will understand this but I was exactly 18 stone, which is a UK measurement of weight. I think it's in a few other places. Overall that's a lot of progress made and I'm half way through my weight loss which is something I'm just realising now. I think I'm about half way now.

Anyway the reason it's so surprising is that I had a really bad month in terms of diet. I had several takeaways and went out for a few day trips. I even had pizza. I ate badly. Like, so badly I can't put it into words. I really got away with it last month but I can't do the same this month. Time to rein everything in and eat properly again. If I lose four pounds despite my best efforts I should lose a lot more when I try.


  1. Halfway to your total weight loss goal? That is awesome! Keep your eye on the prize, as they say.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling depressed. At least you are still being productive. A little bit of weight loss at a time is the right way to do it.

  3. Big congrats Mark, half way is a real milestone.


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