Monday, 28 September 2015

Goodbye Tonsils

So last Friday I was at the hospital. It wasn't anything bad, I was just there for some test results. I joked about how I wouldn't be seen for half an hour. The truth is that I was actually there for a good forty minutes after my appointed time. I was sat with someone whose appointment was twenty minutes before mine and he got seen about twenty minutes before me. Poor bastard.
The only thing that's been in a waiting room longer than the magazines are the patients
When I finally got seen I had it explained to me that apparently they only had two doctors on staff. One was sick and the other was on holiday. That's why it took so long for me to get seen. I think I read about three chapters of my book. The results were pretty much what I expected and you might be able to guess from the title of this post; I have Tonsillitis and will need to get a tonsillectomy.
I was going to post a picture of a tonsil but they look gross
I'll get not one, but two, appointments in the mail over the next few weeks. Oddly enough they're only taking the right tonsil. The other one is the right size so they're leaving it. I don't know why. I don't know what the hell the tonsils do. Even though the operation only lasts about 15-30 minutes I might be kept in overnight. Being the fat bastard I am means they need to use a lot of anaesthesia on me and may need to keep me in because of that. That's what the other appointment is for. They're going to have me go in a week before the exam and basically make sure I'm good to be put to sleep.

Jebus only knows what happens if something goes wrong there. Anyway I'll continue to keep you updated. I also have a third appointment but you'll have to wait to find out what that's about. It's nothing serious though.


  1. Is that a variation on my joke from last post? Did I predict the future?
    Don't forget to ask if you can take it home though, makes for a nice ornament on the shelf.

  2. I've had my tonsils out for 20-something years now and I'm doing pretty well without them. I mean, sure, sometimes I miss them, but it was for the best. After all, they were trying to slowly kill me. The fun part about the surgery? All the ice cream you can eat.

  3. Just make sure they take your tonsils, not your testicles. You can't be too careful. They both start with 't.'

  4. Just make sure they take your tonsils, not your testicles. You can't be too careful. They both start with 't.'

  5. I don't get why they are only removing one tonsil but I am sure they know what they are doing, I had mine out way back when I was only 5 so don't remember it.

  6. Do you get tonsillitis a lot? Why can't they just give you a dose of antibiotics and leave your tonsil alone?

  7. Good luck, glad to know it's something fairly routine, tonsillitis.

  8. On the tv shows I watched when I was a kid, when a character got their tonsils out they got to eat ice cream. Well, I guess we will find out if that was the truth or fiction.


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