Friday, 25 September 2015

Back To The Hospital

The last time I mentioned it was in a post that barely received any notice a while ago but I went to the hospital about a month or so ago for some tests. They had me drink barium and took pictures of my throat and stomach so they could see what was going on in there.
Not me but this is similar to what I had done
This was a little after having a camera shoved up my nose which was way more of a discomfort. But I endured it all. The barium test was a bit more of a formality than anything else as the camera test showed I probably have a mild form of Tonsillitis. My right tonsil is definitely a little bit bigger.

Anyway today is the day that I get to go back and discuss my test results with the doctor. I actually have to go all the way back in even though the hospital is a good half hour away. At least it can't be anything bad. I don't smoke and my bad dietary habits were more likely to give me stomach cancer than throat cancer.

So this afternoon I get to go to a hospital and enjoy sitting in a waiting room forever because this is a British hospital. If you haven't waited for half an hour then you haven't waited at all and if you thought you'd be seen when your appointment was then you're just a moron.

I'll be sure to let y'all know how it goes.


  1. Ah, waiting rooms. Where the magazines stay for years, and those waiting even longer.

  2. Take a book with you! I've had that barium test too not so long ago. It's a weird one but easy and painless as medical testing goes. I'm always grateful for that, LOL!

  3. Keep us posted Mark, tests are NO fun. Results are even worse.

  4. I mean waiting to find out the results.

  5. Yeah same is here in Aussie hospitals no one gets seen on time one's appointment time is more like a time to show up by, I have had the camera up the nose didn't like it at all


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