Thursday, 3 September 2015

AMA Answers Part Three; Christine And Mich

Welcome to part three of my AMA answers. This time I'll be answering the questions of Christine and Mich, who both asked me about my favourite things. First off a thank you to both for using the correct spelling of the word "favourite".

Christine asked; What are your favourite foods?
It changes all the time to be honest. Right now I really enjoy fish fingers. At least this time it's something healthy-ish. Usually my favourite food is something deep fried or with enough fat to last a week like pizza or burgers. Right now I've got cravings for cod. I think my all time favourite food might still be lasagne, but I rarely get to eat it anymore. 

Mich asked; What are your favourite books? 
 That's definitely the Artemis Fowl series. Right now I'm actually reading through them again. By the time you're reading this I'll have finished the eighth and last book again. Each one is between 300 and 400 pages long so they're a quick and great read for anyone. I wasn't a big fan of the overall ending the first time around but maybe I'll like it a little more this time around. I've found myself accepting things better the second time around.

Heck the last time I watched Star Wars Episode 1 I didn't even hate it.
An incredibly charming bit of dialogue from Artemis Fowl 7. I'm so teaching my potential sons those lines.
I'm adding this after finishing Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian. The ending was actually good. I must have judged it too quickly last time, not understanding it properly. Still an incredible shift in tone though. Still not a major fan of that.


  1. You sure read LIKE A BOSS. I don't know much of this Artemis Fowl but he sounds a lot like an older version of Stewie from Family Guy.

  2. You sure read a lot, a good thing. Fish is good, lasagne even better. I had salty caramel truffle ice cream yesterday, yum.

  3. I will have to read them! I remember my brother reading them years ago and not liking them, as he insisted they were just knock-off Harry Potter books, but now I've reconsidered.

    1. They're really good. I don't think they're that much like Harry Potter at all. Though I did read Artemis before Harry Potter. Maybe I'd be more likely to see Harry Potter as an Artemis Fowl rip off.


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