Friday, 4 September 2015

AMA Answers Part Four; Fang's Friday

Hello and welcome to the fourth and final part of my AMA answers. This time I'll be taking questions from Fang, who I feel sorry for because he had to wait so long to get his questions answered. Well here they are.

1. In Immortal Space, who is your self-insert character?
Trent, obvs. He is exactly how I would be if I found myself immortal one day. A massive collection of everything from the past, triple backed up for security purposes. I've actually considered buying a second Dreamcast just in case my first one breaks. I'm not kidding.

2. Book sale expectations vs reality?
I'm very realist. Every time someone asks me if I've sold my books I generally respond with doubt. It's doing surprisingly well though. I think I've sold about ten copies which isn't bad given I've had almost zero advertising and have very few friends I can make buy it. I would like to sell about a hundred, I'd kill to sell a thousand, but I expect to sell about as much as I have unless I can put money into advertising. Which I can't at the minute.

3.How effective do you feel your blog is as a marketing tool? How often do you get followers from outside your existing circle of blog contacts?
The blog is nowhere as effective as it could be. I've made a few sales from here though so I can't say it's definitely pointless. It's helped to post here about Immortal Space. I've also sold a few copies through other means. I rarely get new followers anymore and it's been a long time since I got a comment from someone I didn't recognise. I really need to work on expanding my blog audience, which in turn will help expand my book reading audience.
4. Immortal Space 2: Undead Reborn when?
I'm not sure. I have one very basic idea. If I can get more ideas and build on it then I can make a sequel. Not to give the ending away but I definitely left the room open for a sequel and left enough behind to make a sequel. But if there isn't one mayhap you'll be the only one annoyed. It really is a case of "If I can think it, I can make it."

Also I may use that title. If I do I may not be able to credit you. Hope you understand.


  1. Oh boy it's finally that lovely alliteratory day of the week!
    Thanks for your answers man. Yeah, I can definitely see growing your blog as a proper investment towards your books, not only as an advertisement tool but also a way to connect with other writers.
    "Hope you understand." I most certainly do not!
    Estimated delivery of the book was the 22nd this month I believe, HYPE STILL BUILDING.

    1. Damn that's a long wait. I didn't think it'd take that long. I'm surprised you haven't given up and bought a digital copy. Unfortunately the way to build a bigger blogging audience is to increase how much I myself read. Sometimes you can read too much. I need to start making comics or something.

  2. Congrats on the sales so far Mark! Great questions from your fan Fang.

  3. Sounds like Immortal Space is doing really well. I had no idea Trent was loosely based on you.

  4. Hey Mark, congrats. I'm so glad that you've decided to write a book. I hope you're doing well.


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