Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Nightmares Of Self Publishing

I mentioned in Monday's post that actually publishing Immortal Space ended up being quite a nightmare. The first problem was that I made the completely moronic mistake of quietly publishing it at 6 in the morning. After being awake 20 hours. After sleeping about 4. I think you can see how that might go wrong.
Solid advice
I woke up to find that the document was formatted terribly. I made the mistake of using the headings system in Word. It turns out that, for books, you want to use the bookmark system. So I spent two hours re-re-formatting the document. That wasn't fun. There was another big problem with the cover.

I don't know if I made a mistake with my instructions or Jessica made a mistake with executing them but it was the wrong size. It was initially wider than it was tall, which is a big no no with books. Generally a book cover should be a 1.6 ratio. Which it wasn't. So I had to resize the cover. I then had to reupload the document and the cover to the sites I published on. Except I couldn't do that on CreateSpace. I couldn't change the cover until after they had reviewed it. So I had no choice but to wait until I could do that.

Next time I publish a book I need to remember all of this as I'm writing the document. Not after. It was a nightmare fixing everything. Hopefully it becomes worth it.



  2. The 'joys' of publishing...glad it is sorted out.


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