Thursday, 6 August 2015

Some Decent Progress

It's time for the easiest blog post of the month now that monthly Immortal Space updates are done. It's time to check in on my weight loss progress. I got weighed on Tuesday. I even dragged myself to the gym on my own on Monday because Paul couldn't go. Even going to have to do it again today, if I get enough sleep. More on my lack of sleep tomorrow.
For now it's time to step on the scales
As the title of the post suggests I made a nice bit of progress. I was able to drop six pounds, which comes out to just over a pound a week. That's not bad but I'm me, so I'm never satisfied. I've completely switched up my diet so hopefully this progress continues, or manages to further improve over the next few months and I get back on track. This week I'm set to eat badly though. I'm going on a day trip on Saturday instead of going away for a full week on holiday. It's the first year I can remember not going on holiday actually.

I think I mentioned before I managed to cut out crisps. That was pretty successful. My dad is eating them now but I'm not the type to complain about someone eating food I've told myself I'm not allowed. I'm not a prick like that. I happily sat with him while he ate bacon and sausage when I went vegetarian for a few months.

Outside of crisps I've also gotten rid of yogurts and replaced them with apples. It's only a little less in terms of amount of food, but a big difference in calories. When you throw in that change I've managed to cut out about 200-300 calories out of my diet a day. Even on days when I have breakfast I rarely break 1300 calories. Sometimes I don't even break 1200.

We'll see where it goes from here.


  1. This is great Mark and thanks for the calorie cutting food tips!

  2. I read how crisps are about the most evil food on earth.


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