Thursday, 20 August 2015

Seals! (And Other Animals)

I didn't get the chance to go on vacation this year. Instead I went on a day trip to the place I usually go on vacation and we tried to fit as much as we could into one day. One thing I insisted that we do is go to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary so that was the first place we stopped. I will not be defied. The first stop was, of course, the seals. It's a seal sanctuary after all.
He got the seals to wave. A lot. It was adorbs.
It's very easy to do the rounds in the place, and see everything in one round trip, so that was what we did. After the seals came the baby seals, the koi carp (which are freaking huge), the penguins, the reptile house (after a trip to the meerkats) the tropical house, which includes butterflies, then the petting zoo which has a number of small animals and bigger ones including ALPACAS.

This photo taken shortly before I was molested by the alpacas
 After the petting zoo came the aquariums which marked the end of the round trip. We made a short trip to the gift shop, as you do, and then it was time to be off. I make it a point to go to Natureland once a year and I hope I can continue to do that. I love the place, and what they do for the local wildlife.

One thing I would like to do if I became super rich is actually own an animal sanctuary. For now I'll have to enjoy ones owned by other people.

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  1. Sounds like a great way to enjoy your vacation, thanks for sharing!


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