Friday, 7 August 2015

"It Tastes Like Crunchy Milk"

I think I mentioned a week or two ago that I would soon be in the hospital getting a test done. It was set up after the last time I went in there for my throat. The doctor reckons it's tonsilitis but still set up a test called a "Barium swallow and meal" for me. Basically I would ingest something that would show up in an x-ray. I would be x-rayed while swallowing it, then I had to lie down and turn around so it would coat my stomach, then have a picture taken of that glorious mess.
Not my x-ray but this is basically what a barium swallow does.
The title of today's post is something ridiculous I found myself thinking, and then actually saying. The barium swallow was white but because Barium is a metal it had small bits of metal in it. This made the solution crunchy and, as it was white, it really was like crunchy milk. Still one of the stupidest things I've ever found myself saying out loud.

After that was done there was another part. My stomach was essentially turned into a grade school science fair project. That's right; I had to eat bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. It was pretty cool though. He gave me a spoonful of the soda and told me to put it on my tongue. After that I had to down the liquid like a shot. It looked a lot cooler than it felt and tasted. That was not as fun as the crunchy milk.

In the end he said everything looked almost perfect in there. So it seems the problem is tonsilitis. Now I have to wait until the end of next month to meet the doctor again and go over the results properly and, hopefully, arrange to have my tonsils removed.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was actually having to wake up super early. Because you aren't allowed to eat anything up to six hours before a barium swallow they tend to be done early in the morning.


  1. great that you are getting this looked after in the best way.

  2. I have never had this test done but Tim has had it done a couple of times it is not a great test but sometimes it is a need

  3. Hope everything works out ok. <3 Everyone had their tonsils out when we were kids; I remember like 10 different kids in my class having it done.

    I hate those tests. Crunchy milk doesn't sound too bad, though. The worst I ever had was for an MRI, they make you drink like 2 gallons of this horrible stuff that tastes like a combination of cough syrup and petrol. I feel like they make it taste ten times worse by trying to make it "cherry" flavoured.

    I eat baking soda when I have heartburn, it works in like 2 seconds.


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