Friday, 28 August 2015

Hawaii Jumping On The Green Train

After my recent post about places being powered entirely by natural sources, another player has entered the game. This time it's Hawaii that have pledged to become carbon neutral in just 20 years, and powered entirely by renewable sources of power in 30.
I don't think I'd last long in Hawaii. I'd melt pretty quick.
It might sound like a long time away but I imagine it's the kind of thing that might take a while. Better to start now than be completely screwed in ten to twenty years time and realise you don't have another twenty years to spare. I didn't think about it much but energy is pretty costly in Hawaii because of the island nature of the place. They tend to have to ship fuels in which costs a lot. Right now they run on a lot of petroleum. The plan was to switch to natural gas but now the governor has decided it would be more prudent, and better in the long run, to use the money to invest in renewable energy instead.
Here's the badass signing it in. (Source)
It's kind of being seen as an experiment to see how the rest of the United States would do if they tried to switch to being purely renewable. They're even going to get some help from the US military. I for one hope it goes well and even more countries (or states) take up the challenge of becoming entirely carbon neutral.

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  1. Good for Hawaii! It's quite a progressive place actually.


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