Monday, 31 August 2015

AMA Answers Part One; A Beer For The Shower

I decided to answer the AMA questions in no particular order except the one I have imposed. The questions I got asked were great and may take a post each. So thanks everyone who asked something. I'm glad it went so well. I didn't get a lot of questions, but the ones I were asked were awesome. So anyway, here's the answers to the first set of questions. These ones asked by the boys at A Beer For The Shower.

1. What sets Immortal Space apart from other books in its genre?
This is the kind of question I'd have trouble with, which is also something that will see me having difficulty getting published. But I thought about it and do have an answer for you. The first thing is that Trent isn't like other immortal people in fiction. They are either a megalomaniac because of their immortality, or utterly depressed after having lived such a long life. Trent is neither and genuinely still loves life. He doesn't pretend to love it, or keep going out of some sense of duty or obligation.

The other is that even though it is science fiction, it's not very tech heavy. It's a great jumping on point for people who are new the genre. The things that are technical are explained and there aren't a whole bunch of difference species to know. There's no ages of customs or history you need to know. Star Wars and Star Trek throw you into a world with many different races, each with their own history and traditions. Doctor Who throws you to a new race almost every week. Immortal Space deals with human characters in a human setting, dealing with human problems.

2. What kind of music do you listen to while writing, or do you at all?
I listen to music when I write. I generally listen to faster paced and heavier music when I write. It depends as well on what I'm writing. When I had to write a story dealing with child abuse I listened to the saddest song I could find. On repeat. I cried by the time I was done.

3. What's the most hilarious inanimate object that you could kill a person with, and why?
A big black billycock. No wait, that's just hilarious to say. To be honest I can thin of lots of things I can kill people with and have a very twisted sense of humour. I don't like how much thought I'm actually putting in to this.

I suppose with a computer you can utterly ruin someone's life and drive them to suicide. It's not exactly hilarious but it would be fun to watch if you were the one doing it. In terms of comedy/slapstick you can't go wrong with the ol' anvil on the head. I'm a fan of the classics.

 Coming up on Thursday will be the answers to Mich's question, and Christine, who both asked me about favourites. Friday will be Fang's answers just because of the name. And because I got more questions than I expected this week there will even be a post on Wednesday where I answer Debra's questions. So look forward to it.


  1. Friday has never come soon enough. Especially not now.

  2. Human problems - something I can identify with!

    Thanks for answering those questions, and so well at that. We can't really get into that hardcore sci-fi where you practically have to be an engineer or a scientist to understand what's going on, so I get what you mean. And we appreciate Immortal Space for keeping things simple.

    Also, thank you for introducing me to the term "Big black billycock", which is new to me, but may be one of the most hilarious (and alliterate) things I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.

  3. Billycock, eh? Is that the original term from which Billy club is derived?

    1. I used to think that. Turns out it's a kind of hat.


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