Thursday, 16 July 2015

Your Doctor Is Not Trying To "Fat Shame" You

Everything I'm going to say in this post I'm saying as someone who is genuinely in the middle of a weight loss journey. I might have stopped taking it as seriously as I should but that was entirely my fault. Anyway, that was just a disclaimer.

About a year and a half ago I found myself visiting my GP. I actually don't remember the original reason I went to see him at this point. I just remember something that he told me. Something that at the time really upset me, but over time I've come to accept his reasons for telling me. He told me that I needed to lose weight and that if I didn't I would likely die of a heart attack by the time I turned 30.

Like I said at the time it really upset me. But I knew that he was right. I knew that  I had a problem. He also offered to help me and referred me to Morgan, my wonderful dietician who I see once a month to get weighed and discuss my diet with. Though to be honest we shoot the shit about anything that comes up. I've even had discussions on feminism with her. Discussions I've blogged about here.

I've seen stories recently of people saying their doctors telling them to lose weight is a bad thing. That their doctors are shaming them. This is complete horse shit. I've even heard stories of doctors being sued by some fat person who had their feelings hurt at being told the truth. The truth is this; the world is too damn fat. In America TWO THIRDS of people are obese. That's not normal and that's not healthy at all.

I can't think of any words for someone who would sue their doctor for telling them the harsh truth outside of "Selfish, malignant prick". I might have fallen out a little with my doctor over what he said but ultimately he had my health and continued existence in mind. He wanted the best for me.

Sometimes that particular doctor might be a bit of a dick and not take me as seriously as he should. I'm willing to admit I feel that way. But, again, the truth is that a lot of my conditions ARE caused by my weight. Losing weight has really improved my health. I still have a touch of the sleep apnea but so do a lot of thinner people.

Your doctor isn't trying "shame" you, he's trying to save your life. If you're really so fucking delusional that you believe you can be healthy and live a long life when you'e three times the size of a healthy person you need someone telling you the truth. The truth is that no, you can't live like that. Not for very long anyway.


  1. Not only is keeping your best interest in mind a morally good thing for doctors to do, it also helps retain you as a customer. They do their job, because it's business and a damn good cause. Thinking they'd spout falsities is just fucking stupid.

  2. The important thing is to lose weight the right way, by changing your eating habits, no fad diets! Some people seem to have a lot of will power too, lucky them.

  3. Of course it's not nice for anyone to hear they need to lose weight, but I guess health is pretty important, haha

  4. A lot of people don't handle criticism very well. It looks like you are one of the strong people who can.


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