Thursday, 23 July 2015

To Fully Understand A Story, You Must Re-Read It

So I'm re-reading one of the trilogies I really enjoy. After reading so many book series' that are seven books long I decided to kick back and stick with a trilogy. I should probably have stuck with a standalone book. I actually know a few I really enjoy.
Shade's Children is a fantastic book.
So anyway, I'm reading through, and I chance upon a scene part way through the first book. At the time it seems like a little thing you don't really remember much. But with the knowledge you gain from the third book you come to realise the scene had massive implications. It was just a guy hiding from someone following him, then finding it silly the guy following him was only armed with a knife. He's a magician after all so knives would be pretty stupid.
Later on in the third book though you learn that the guy doing the following was actually part of the race of main villains. These people are also able to kill a magician through a tiny cut using a dagger by using the break in the skin to drain their magic. Even though it seemed like a tiny and irreverent scene there's actually big implications; the magician could have actually died pretty easily despite his confidence. Of course you won't know that unless you're reading the story again and catch it.

There are a lot of cool moments like that in almost any book. I would say Immortal Space itself has it's fair share of foreshadowing. It's an important part of a story. Though of course it has to be subtle. You don't want to give too much away, no?

What's your favourite bit of foreshadowing you only noticed by reading a story more than once?b


  1. It sounds like a clever book, I don't re-read many books, or watch the same movies over and over, for some reason.

  2. For me this is especially true with song lyrics. I can listen to a song for years.. then one day it suddenly hits you what the song is really about. The song "He Stopped Loving Her Today" by Merle Haggard .. when I heard it on my dad's radio when I was a kid, I thought it was about a guy who dumped a cheating gf... later I realized the poor slob had died and that was the only way a hopeless love he had for an ex would be extinguished.


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