Thursday, 9 July 2015

Slow Down And Enjoy The Ride

I'm not alone in saying that we're in a far less patient society. Everyone seems to be a lot more impatient these days. It's not hard to see why. I'm a Netflix subscriber but that's one aspect of the problem. Instead of watching a show week by week you can just wait until it's online and then watch it all in one chunk. That's definitely something I'm guilty of. There are shows I haven't seen because I have trouble watching week to week and having to wait between episodes. 
Damn you Netflix!
This doesn't just confine itself to entertainment. Although I would like to add that reading has taken a hit as well. People have a lot of difficulty sticking to a long book, and even more difficulty sticking to a series. I noticed that myself again as I read two seven-book long series' in a row and found it to be difficult. I'd probably find it murderous to attempt to write one. Some stories need to be told along a lot of books though. 
I think Artemis Fowl has 8 actually, and is one of my favourite series'. 
All of this does spread into society. People get angry about having to wait a few seconds more than they have to wait. They hate waiting at traffic lights whether they're in a car or not. I think it's one reason fast food has become so prevalent and, with it, problems like obesity. People can't be bothered to take the time it takes to cook an actual meal or wait for someone else to cook one. A lot of problems emanate from this lack of patience and it spreads further than people realise. 

So take the time. Wait a little longer. Life isn't as short as you think it is. Waiting a few more seconds won't kill you, but getting angry about it will thanks to high blood pressure. 


  1. Instant gratification is a strong and tempting force. It doesn't surprise me at all it has turned the general global culture into one of high, quickly achieved peaks.

  2. It is very hard to wait. Thanks for your nice answer on my blog today.

  3. The pace of our society today is just nuts, NUTS!

  4. Definitely it is a silly thing to get angry about having to wait a few extra seconds or minutes. I meet a lot of people like this, but I am too chill a dude to fall into this trap myself.


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