Monday, 20 July 2015

My Writing Used To Be Not So Great

Yes I'm aware that I could have simply said "My writing used to be shit", but it didn't used to be completely shit. Just not so great. Is it really great now though? Different matter for a different day I guess. Things like that are subjective anyway. Like beauty.

Well anyway even though Immortal Space isn't out quite yet I'm already looking at my next project. I decided the next thing I'd write was The Spirit, the book I originally wanted to write all those years ago. I decided to write other things to practice writing and do the story justice.
If only books could be "remastered".
I actually wrote the first few chapters of The Spirit before I saw for myself the writing needed some work. I went back and looked at the original opening I had written and let me tell you, I was bloody right to do that. I disliked what I wrote from pretty much the first sentence. Some of the stuff after that was alright but I know that what I can do now is so much better than that.

It was interesting to get a good look at that and see for myself just how far my writing has come. To look at something I originally wrote years ago just getting into things. It's a good job I had the sense to put the pen down and decide to do it properly. I went on to write a lot of other stuff and gained the skill and knowledge I'd need to go back and do a good job of The Spirit.



  1. Good job on having a next project planned, so you can keep your productivity rolling instead of entering a period of "oh shit what do I even do".

  2. congrats! and Goodluck. Good for you..I want to write..really..I want to be good at it. maybe..just got no talent at all. I don't know how to improve and honestly not that great when it comes to vocabularies and grammar.

  3. A lot of writers have trouble with deleting or fixing old work. I know plenty that finish their very first project and think, "Yep, this is solid gold! This is truly as good as it gets. Nothing could possibly be improved." Even after 5 years of trying to sell it unsuccessfully. A writer should always strive to improve, no matter how long they've been doing it, so cheers to getting better!

  4. Maybe one day you will hit the jackpot and become the next JK Rowling and I will be able to say 'I know him!'

  5. I think my writing may have gotten better. For instance, I use verbs now.

  6. That is good you are getting better all the time. I think for me it is mainly downhill from here : /

  7. You are doing a bloody good job.....................just so you know


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